Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Playlist - November 15th, 2005


EXODUS - Shovel Headed Kill Machine, 2005, USA [Thrash]
CHILDREN OF BODOM - Are You Dead Yet?, 2005, Finland [Death]
KATATONIA - The Black Sessions, 2005, Sweden [Doom/Death]

Exodus - Raze
Suffocation - Catatonia
Belligerance - Justify (NZ)
Sixlip - Say It To My Face (NZ)
Children Of Bodom - Living Dead Beat
Devourment - Masturbating At The Slab
Tubuku - Tread (NZ)
Autopsy - Robbing The Grave
Screaming Afterbirth - Zombie Soup Kitchen
Exodus - Now Thy Death Day Come
Disgorge - She Lay Gutted
Gorehouse - Welcome To The Gorehouse (NZ)
Enemy Induction - Ineptitude (NZ)
Cephalic Carnage - Scientific Remote Viewing
Aphelon - Apostles Of My Vices (NZ)
Dying Fetus - Intentional Manslaughter
Katatonia - Ghost Of The Sun
Napalm Death - Evolved As One
Dawn Of Azazel - The Road To Babalon (NZ)
Belligerance - Forsaken Ground (NZ)
Hemdale - Licking Mental Patients Cum Off The Sheets
Offal Stench - Self Inflicted Cannibalism
Gutrot - Gorging On Menstrual Chunks
Children Of Bodom - Are You Dead Yet?
Artery Eruption - Jacking Off On An Inside-Out Butthole
Exodus - Shovel Headed Kill Machine
Sepultura - Arise
Ulceration - Submerged In Gluttony
Foetopsy - Spilling Of Blood And Urine...


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