Monday, November 28, 2005

Press Release - Dawn Of Azazel

"We would collectively like to thank all the fans and bands that have come out to support us, and all the news media that have helped promote the band and the tour during this period and make the tour such a success.

"Our next step will be releasing the album in the Australia and the rest of the world in January/February next year.

"We are also excited to announce we will be touring Australia and New Zealand in March with DISGORGE and are currently are considering two U.S. tour offers that will see us touring with some of the top bands in the death metal genre around April or may next year.

"In response to recent events in the media, we wish to thank our supporters, and state we spit upon those who are afraid to stand proud as individuals, who cannot perceive beyond face value reach their own conclusions, and are blindly lead by the half-baked opinions of the loudest voice as lambs to the slaughter.

"May you never stifle the voices of those who dare to stand proud and venture from the comfort of their armchairs and computer screens, defy convention, provoke debate and thought and grasp life by its horns to make their message heard."

Rigel Walshe


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