Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Playlist - November 29th, 2005

Albums Of The Week courtesy REAL GROOVY CHRISTCHURCH

Primal Fear - Seven Seals, 2005, Germany [Heavy Metal]
Cryptopsy - Once Was Not, 2005, Canada [Death Metal]
Parkway Drive - Killing With A Smile, 2005, Australia [Metalcore]

ALSO NZ Metal from,

Aphelon - Scorn Shall Prevail, 2005, NZ [Black Metal]
Second Theory - Decline And Fall, 2005, NZ [Metalcore]

Cryptopsy - Carrionshine
Bloodchurn - Clotted Memory
Second Theory - Stitches (NZ)
Artery Eruption - Scalped
Aphelon - The Trial (NZ)
Putrid Pile - Drenched In Gasoline
Parkway Drive - Guns For Show... Knives For A Pro
Abysmal Torment - Showcase Of Dangling Flesh
Offal Stench - Fumes Of The Offal Pit (NZ)
Death - To Forgive Is To Suffer (R)
Motorhead - Killers (R)
Amputated Genitals - Indigested With Human Heads
Primal Fear - The Immortal Ones
Dawn Of Azazel - Violence And Uncleanliness (NZ)
Animals Killing People - Bullfighters Die
Tubuku - Trend (NZ)
Flesh Parade - King Cobra
Cryptopsy - Keeping The Cadaver Dogs Busy
Circle Of Dead Children - Chemical Goat
Aphelon - Bloodborne (NZ)
Devourment - Anal Electrocution
Parkway Drive - Picture Perfect, Pathetic
Kretan - Christ On A Stick
Gorehouse - Welcome To The Gorehouse (NZ)
Copremesis - Regurgitated Feces
Second Theory - Still Bleeding (NZ)
Sect Of Execration - Digusted By Faith
Parkway Drive - It's Hard To Speak Without A Tounge
Terminally Your Aborted Ghost - Neuropathic Embolism
Primal Fear - Carniwar
Fisting Mary - I'm So Drunk I Can't Cum (NZ)


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