Wednesday, April 21, 2010

DEFAMER Interview and Peter Steele Tribute...

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TYPE-O-NEGATIVE Special this week in TRIBUTE TO Vocalist PETER STEELE...

AND an Interview with James Geekie of DEFAMER ahead of their NZ Tour.

Unless otherwise listed, Songs from Type-O-Negative.

1- Black No. 1
2- Some Stupid Tomorrow
3- Vixen Exrcution - The Lactating Coprophilliac (NZ)
4- Human - Raining Phlegm (NZ)
5- Defamer - Of the Chasm
6- Defamer - Endless Hordes Expiring
7- Defamer - The Black Obscene
8- Everyone I Love is Dead
9- My Girlfriend's Girlfriend
10- Day Tripper Medley (R)
11- I Don't Wanna Be Me
12- Christian Woman
13 - Angry Itch
14 - Love You To Death
15 - Pyretta Blaze (R)
16 - Xero Tolerance 17 - Everything Dies
18 - Jon Lajoie - High as Fuck (Comedy)


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Thur 22nd @ AL's BAR - METAL INVASION feat. Intergracia, Nort, Awakened Inferno & Sekht. 8pm R18 $10
Fri 23rd @ ZEBEDEES - AWAKENED INFERNO feat. Intergracia & Nort. All Ages.
Fri 23rd @ The BEDFORD - SUBSIDENCE "Come Back" Show feat. Out Cold, Carnal, Vixen Execution & Death Throes. R18 $8
Sat 24th @ PENGUIN CLUB [Oamaru] - EVE OF ANARCHY feat. Nort, Belial, Osmium, Hell Comes To Frogtown, Made In China, Special Needz & Intergracia. 8pm $15 R18
Thur 29th @ AL's BAR - DEFAMER (AUS) & HUMAN w/ Vixen Execution & Maleclaustrum.


Sat 1st @ ReFUEL [OUSA Dunedin] - Osmium feat. Twist Of Fate, Cult Disney, Ellen Wilcox, Existenz & ReFuel. 9pm $5 R18
Fri 7th @ CHURCHILL'S FUNCTION CENTER – Manu's farewell gig with Athenic, Word of God, Blindfolded & Led into the Woods, Amidst Haze & Men An Tol 7pm R18
Sat 8th @ ZEBEDEES - TAINTED feat. Bow Messiah, Awakened Inferno & Ride Of A Renegade. 7:15pm AA
Thur 13th @ DUX de LUX - ON YOUR SKIN. 9pm FREE! R18
Fri 28th @ The Bedford - UNEARTH feat. The Black Dahlia Murder, The Mark Of Man, Tainted, Our Fallen.7pm AA+R18


Wed 2nd @ ReFUEL [OUSA Dunedin] - Osmium. 9pm FREE!


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