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A Decade of Women in Metal on CACOPHONY...

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On Cacophony this week I take a romp through the Ladies of Metal,
looking at whos-who in the 2012 Metal scene. The last time I did this
was 2001!! Some of the old guard are still around, the fresh meat from
2001 are now the Matriarchs and the new fresh meat are quickly staking
their ground and their reputations. All in all, 40 Bands and their
Ladies feature in this 3 hour show - including 7 NZ Maidens of Metal.
Not all Female Metal artists made the list, these are just my picks of
the last decade from the Whores of Gore...


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Playlists for 22nd Jan 2013

1st Hour
Doro - Raise Your Fist In The Air [Doro Pesch]
Crucified Barbara - Rock Me Like The Devil [Mia Coldheart]
In This Moment - Adrenalize [Maria Brink]
Incarna [NZ] - Creeping [Lisa-Marie Baxter]
The Commander-In-Chief - Dropout [Secret Secret]
Epica - Storm The Sorrow [Simone Simons]
Lacuna Coil - Trip The Darkness [Christina Scabbia]
Gallhammer - Aberration [Vivian Slaughter]
Otep - Drunk On The Blood Of Saints [Otep Shamaya]
Arch Enemy - Bloodstained Cross [Angela Gossow]
Huntress - Senicide [Jill Janus]
Skuldom [NZ] - Orgiastic Blasphemy [Femondoetus]
Halestorm - Love Bites (and So Do I) [Lzzy Hale]
Shadowside - Habitual [Dani Nolden]

2nd Hour
Sister Sin - Hang 'Em High [Liv Jagrell]
One Eyed Doll - Committed [Kimberly Freeman]
Nightwish - Stargazers [Tarja Turunen]
Nightwish - Amaranth [Anette Olzon]
Nightwish - I Want My Tears Back (Live) [Floor Jansen]
Witchburn - Bleed The Stone [Jamie Nova]
Christless [NZ] - Of The Moon They Killed [Sorcia Forgan]
Amaranthe - Hunger [Elize Ryd]
The Agonist - Thank You, Pain [Alissa White-Gluz]
Kittie - Career Suicide [Morgan Lander]
A Sound Of Thunder - Murderous Horde [Nina Osegueda]
Forsaken Age [NZ] - Pedal To The Metal [Chrissy Scarfe]

3rd Hour
Edge Of Paradise - Mask [Margarita Monet]
Dividead - Make Total Destroy (Periphery Cover) [Rachel Aspe]
Xandria - Valentine [Manuela Kraller]
Seven Kingdoms - Flame Of Olympus [Sabrina Valentine]
We Are The Fallen - Bury Me Alive [Carly Smithson]
Naquadah [NZ] - Bruised [Holly]
Butcher Babies - Axe Wound [Heidi Shepherd & Carla Harvey]
Krypteria - Messiah [Ji-In Cho]
System Divide - Echoes [Miri Milman]
Straight Line Stitch - Taste Of Ashes [Alexis Brown]
Devilskin [NZ] - Fade [Jennie Devilskin]
Leaves Eyes - Spirits' Masquerade [Liv Kristine]
Delain - We Are The Others [Charolette Wessels]
Alpine Fault [NZ-Oz] - Requiem [Nadia Vanek]


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