Wednesday, February 06, 2013

100% Pure Waitangi Wreckage

  ~C A C O P H O N Y~
Christchurch's very own HEAVY METAL radio show on...

RDU98.5FM Tuesday's 10pm-12pm [also REPEATED on Radio Addington 107.5FM, Saturdays 9:30pm]


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"Pre-Waitangi Wreckage" - join the LostMessiah on CACOPHONY this week for a 100% NZ Metal show to welcome in New Zealand Day 2013. All the usual suspects including Diocletian, LoD, A Reflection Of Yesterday, MetalTower, Antagonist, Out Cold, Shitripper, Tainted, Bor'tas, Machete Justice and a few more...

Playlist 5th Feb 2013 100% NZ Metal

1st Hour
Bor'tas - Blood Of The Children
Legacy Of Disorder - Warrior Gene
Sinate - Submit Your Blood
A Reflection Of Yesterday - Within Confined Spaces
Diocletian - Might Is Right
Antagonist A.D. - I'm Just Not There
Out Cold A.D. - Modern Day Strain
Snakes Of Iron - A Pocket Full
Forsaken Age - Pedal To The Metal
In Dread Response - Magnolia
Machete Justice - Devil In My Veins (Again)
Heterodox - 'Til The Road Takes It's Toll
Shitripper - Vultures
Metaltower - Doom

2nd Hour
Gunt - Faceplant
Sabbatic Goat - Imprecation
Crows Call Murder - We're Not Dead Yet
Sekht - Dellusion Seeker
Bulletbelt - Writhe And Ascend
Draco Aerius - Zealot
Awakened Inferno - Killing Immortality
Tainted - Departed
Decimated King - Black Death
Zerstiren - Dirge To Bloodlust
Bow Messiah - Fun With A Knife
Omat Makkarat - Vinterisen
Scurvy Dogs - Pirate Blood
Osmium - The Dark Poet
Filth Massacre - Sin


Thursday February 7th @ The Darkroom - Face Of The Collapser with Via Kaleidoscope - FREE

After the Success of Heavy New Year, Bourbon Street is booking regular live Metal acts, coming up so far they have...

Friday February 15th - Devilskin with Stonehurst, Tickets $25 at

Friday February 22nd - The First Annual Matti McEachen Memorial Extravaganza, featuring Ashei, Sfika, Dissolution, Face Of The Collapser, Lebowski, Stonehurst, and Blindfolded And Led To The Woods. It's only $10 on the door and you get a free Jack and Coke!

Friday March 1st - 8 Foot Sativa with Tainted & Bow Messiah

Saturday March 23rd - Sinate with Eternal Rest (AUS) and Osmium --

LostMessiah, Captain Catsquid & The Roadie Present...


Live on RDU98.5FM Tuesday's 10-12pm NZST [+12/13 GMT]
[Repeated on Radio Addington 107.5FM Saturday 9:30pm]

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