Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Back Sabbath Anticipation on CACOPHONY...

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This week on CACOHONY - Captain Catsquid dishes out an Ozzy era Black Sabbath special, two hours of Sabbath in anticipation of the two NZ shows in Auckland next month.

CACOPHONY PLAYLIST 12/03/13 - Black Sabbath Special

Part 1

1 - Black Sabbath
2 - The Wizard
3 - N.I.B
4 - War Pigs
5 - Paranoid
6 - Iron Man
7 - Hand of Doom
8 - Sweet Leaf
9 - Children of the Grave
10 - Snowblind

Part 2

11 - Sabbath Bloody Sabbath
12 - A National Acrobat
13 - Sabbra Cadabra
14 - Symptom of the Universe
15 - Meglomania
16 - Supertzar
17 - Rock n Roll Doctor
18 - Dirty Women
19 - Never say Die
20 - Bill Hicks - Put 'em in the Movies (Comedy)


Saturday March 16th @ Zebedees - Out Cold AD with Averia, Winter's End
and Lebowski - 8pm, $5 on the door, AA

Thursday March 21st @ Bourbon Street (R18) -Depths & Advocates Southern Tour, with Blindfolded and
Led to the Woods and Bow Messiah, $10 on the door

Saturday March 23rd @ Bourbon Street - Sinate with Eternal Rest (AUS)
and Osmium

Saturday March 23rd @ Zebedees (AA) - Depths & Advocates Southern Tour, with Blindfolded and
Led to the Woods and Decimated King $10 on the door

Sunday March 24th @ Zebedees - Sinate, Eternal Rest and Osmium

Saturday April 27th @ Bourbon Street - Southern Invasion, Featuring Exordium Mors, Carnal, Nullifier,
Bloodfvkk, and Blindfolded and Led to the Woods $10 on the door


LostMessiah, Captain Catsquid & The Roadie Present...


Live on RDU98.5FM Tuesday's 10-12pm NZST [+12/13 GMT]
[Repeated on Radio Addington 107.5FM Saturday 9:30pm]

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