Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Beating people with Metal... CACOPHONY!

        ~C A C O P H O N Y~
Christchurch's very own HEAVY METAL radio show.

This week on CACOPHONY we feature new albums of the "Melodic Death" genre from King Of Asgard, Crimson Shadows and Australia's Sierra. New metal from NZ's The Mark Of Man and their latest EP "Exeunt" plus the usual Kiwi contingent of metal to complement the latest international offerings to land in the CACOPHONY inbox.

Thanks to Chris @ Maric for the latest Metalblade stuff, Mona @ Napalm Records for the same and
John @ Riot for the Sierra.

King Of Asgard [Sweden] – Karg [22nd Jul, 2014]
www.kingofasgard.com www.myspace.com/kingofasgardsweden www.facebook.com/kingofasgard

Crimson Shadows [Canada] – Kings Among Men [29th Aug, 2014]
www.crimsonshadowsmetal.com www.facebook.com/crimsonshadowsband 

a Playlist with the King

Nux Vomica – Reeling
Decode The Design [NZ] – Chaos Lanes
King Of Asgard – The Runes Of Hel + The Trickster + Huldran + Total Destruction
MetalTower [NZ] – Doom
MaYan – Devil In Disguise
The Mark Of Man [NZ] – One With The Tides
Grave Digger – Hell Funeral
The Mark Of Man [NZ] – Memorandum
Sierra – Bittersweet Youth
In Dread Response [NZ] – A Dying Light
Amorphis – Enchanted By The Moon

a Playlist in the Shadows

Arkan – Scar Of Sadness
The Mark Of Man [NZ] – Monolithic
Crimson Shadows – Rise To Power + Maidens Call + Braving The Storm + Dawn Of Vengeance
New Way Home [NZ] – Mirror
Sierra – The Great Charade
The Mark Of Man [NZ] – Greys
WirgHata – Whispers From Beyond
Bor'Tas [NZ] – Humanities Cost
Eluveitie – From Darkness
Resporn [NZ] – Solace
Vintersorg – Natten Vaste Vad Skymningen Sag



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sMail CACOPHONY, POBox33044, Barrington, Christchurch 8244, New Zealand.


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