Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Fucked by the Filthy Juggernaut and CACOPHONY...

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Tonight on CACOPHONY, we check out Aussie thrashers Alkira and their album Juggernaut ahead of their show at Churchill’s Live this Thursday.

Kiwi tunes from Bow Messiah, Ulcerate, Depths, Legacy of Disorder, and Human, plus we unearth some old kiwi classics from Gorehouse and Offal Stench, plus hefty serving of thrash and death both past and present.

Part 1

01 – Slayer – Angel of Death
02 – Death – Spiritual Healing
03 – Alkira – Institution
04 – Alkira – Juggernaut
05 – Depths – The Last (NZ)
06 – Bow Messiah – Fun with a knife (NZ)
07 – Ulcerate – The Imperious Weak (NZ)
08 – Dissolution – Bi Polar (NZ)
09 – Alkira – Submission Therapy
10 – Alkira - #479
11 – Jeff Loomis – Miles of Machines

Part 2

12 – Testament – The Haunting
13 – Sepultura – Ambush
14 – Opeth – The Drapery Falls
15 – Decapitated – Instinct
16 – Gorehouse – Choke on Your Own Fucking Filth (NZ)
17 – Offal Stench – Fucked While Dying (NZ)
18 – Alkira – Spiritual Abuse (Parallel Prisons)
19 – Alkira – Inebriated State
20 – Sinate – Godless World (NZ)
21 – Legacy of Disorder – Impaler (NZ)
22 – Human – Mystery Meat (NZ)
23 – Face of the Collapser – Motionless Reverie (NZ)


Thursday Jan 29th @ Churchill's Live - Alkira with support from Lebowski and Bow Messiah. R18 $10 Door. Despite the ANZAC assault tour being cancelled due to promoter failings, Aussie Thrashers Alkira have said 'Fuck it! We're coming anyway!' Frankenbok will be doing everything they can to come later in the year.

Saturday January 31st @ Re:Vive - Depths with Hand of Mercy and Guests, $15 on the door.

Saturday Feb 14th @ Churchill's Live - The St Valentine's Day Massacre featuring Auton, Ape of Unreason, Sanity Breach, Bow Messiah and Deceive the Sky. $10 on the door, and get half-price with any merch purchase - bring your missus along, and she'll get in the door for FREE (one lady each, fellas!)

Tuesday February 17th @ Churchills Live – Dragonforce, with Red Dawn and Awakened Inferno.
Tickets from

Saturday Feb 28th @ Churchills Live – Troika with Via Kaleidoscope and Terror Tapes. $10 on the door or pay $15 and get a copy of either Troika’s Zero One or Prototype.

Thursday April 30th @ Dux Live – Suffocation (US) with Decapitated (POL).

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