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CACOPHONY and The Ocean, Where Cthulu Hangs Out & Shit...

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Tonight on Cacophony, we check out tracks from The Ocean, Pelagial, ahead of their show at Dux Live Saturday March 28th with Echolypse and Troika, plus tracks from the aforementioned support acts, plus other progish delights from Metal Tower, Giant Squid, Cormorant, Face of the Collapser, as well as brutal kiwi metal from Ulcerate and Sinistrous Diabolus, and some old school requests for Testament.

Part 1

1 – The Ocean – Epipelagic/Mesopelagic Into the uncanny
2 – The Ocean – Bathyalpelagic III Desequilibrated
3 – Echolypse – Bedroom Eyes (NZ)
4 – Troika – Succubus (NZ)
5 – Stonehurst – Death of a New Pride (NZ)
6 – Cormorant – Funambulist
7 – The Ocean – Abyssopelagic II Signals of Anxiety
8 – The Ocean - Hadopelagic II Let Them Believe
9 – Metal Tower – Relentless Resurrections (NZ)

Part 2

10– Ulcerate – Vermis (NZ)
11 – Sinistrous Diabolus – At the Cemetary Gates (Lord of Putrefacation Cover) (NZ)
12 – Testament – Into the Pit ®
13 – Testament – Over the Wall (Live) (R)
14 – Giant Squid – Minoans
15 – The Ocean – Demersal Cognitive Dissonance
16 – The Oceans – Benthic the Origin of Our Wishes
17 – Face of the Collapser – Motionless reverie (NZ)
18 – Ne Obliviscaris – Devour Me Collossus (Part 1) Black Holes


Friday March 27th @ Dux Live – Setting Fire to Stacy, Suede Arcade and Earthshield – Free Entry

Saturday March 28th @ Dux Live – Omens and Dux Live present The Ocean, with Troika and Echolypse, presales from $15 from  or $25 on the door.

Tursday April 2nd @ Allen Street Rock Club – Stonehurst and Enfire, free entry, 7pm start, bar closes at midnight due to the anniversary of Christ’s death

Thursday April 30th @ Dux Live – Suffocation (US) with Decapitated (POL).

Saturday June 20th @ The Bedford – Machinehead, tickets from

Saturday May 9th @ Dux Live – Ulcerate, with Sinistrous Diabolus and Stone Angels

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