Wednesday, May 06, 2015

on CACOPHONY it's all KIWI, all KILLER to kick off NZ Metal Month!

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Tonight on CACOPHONY – It’s our first show of New Zealand Music Month, so it’s all Kiwi and all killer. We talk to Stone Angels ahead of their show at Dux Live this Saturday with Sinistrous Diabolus and Ulcerate, plus a shit ton of kiwi Metal from Doom to Death, Black to Thrash, Grind to Classic NZ Metal.

All Kiwi, All Killer - Part 1

1 – Machete Justice – The Ballad of Bubba J. White
2 – Bulletbelt – Deathgasm
3 – Beastwars – Imperium
4 – Ulcerate – Weight of Emptiness
5 – Sinistrous Diabolus – Host of Seraphim
6 – Stone Angels – Grave
7 – Interview – Stone Angels
8 – Stone Angels – Signed in Blood
9 – Metal Tower – Star Crusher

All Kiwi, All Killer - Part 2

10 – Sinate – Prekill
11 – Subtract – Dirty Paradise
12 – Tainted - …Vengeance
13 – Blindfolded and Led to the Woods – Father Harlequin
14 – Backyard Burial – Last of the Ruthless Cunts
15 – Lebowski – Hotel Balcony Death Plunge
16 – 8 Foot Sativa – Visions of Red
17 – Winter Deluge – Celestial Renewal
18 – Amidst Haze – Resurgence
19 – Men An Tol – Gathering of the Clouds
20 – Bow Messiah – Perfect Virus
21 – Awakened Inferno – Soul Release
22 – Fallen Order – Beyond Death


Tuesday and Wednesday the 5th, 6th, 12th and 13th @ Dux Live – The RounDUp 2015 heats, come support local music and check out a variety of bands from all genres.

This Saturday @ Dux Live – Soundhouse NZ Presents Dark Ceremonies, featurinf Ulcerate, Sinistrous Diabolus, and Stone Angels. Presales $15 from cosmic ticketing, or $20 on the door.

Thursday May 14th at Allen Street Rock Club – The Deep Six, with No Broadcast and Terror Tapes, 8:30pm, free entry.

Thursday May 21st @ Allen Street Rock Club – Bow Messiah, Auton, Voice of the Black Pharaoh and Gormukilidokus

Friday May 29th @ Allen Street Rock Club – Stonehurst with Enfire and Inexile, 8pm, Free Entry

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