Wednesday, August 05, 2015

a Powerwolf Symphony on CACOPHONY...

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This week on CACOPHONY, the LostMessiah takes on the high speed guitar and vocal side of the Power Metal genre. Feature artist/albums from Symphony X with Underworld and Powerwolf with Blessed & Possessed. Requests for Judas Priest, Ozzy Osbourne and Razor kick off the show, plus quite simply a “cacophony” from NZ Metal bands too… so sit back for another 2 hours of CACOPHONY the Heavy Metal Show!

Thanks as always to Nuclear Blast Records , John at Riot and Naplam Records for the featured artists this week.

Symphony X [USA] [Progressive Power] - Underworld [24th July, 2015]

Powerwolf [Germany] [Power] - Blessed & Possessed [17th July, 2015]

a Symphony X of Metal

Judas Priest - Painkiller [Request]
Ozzy Osbourne - S.A.T.O [Request]
Judas Priest - Grinder [Request]
Razor - Cranial Stomp [Request]
Blackjack [NZ] - Liar Liar
Echoic [NZ] - Halo Broken
No Love Lost [NZ] - Duct Tape Smile
Outshine [NZ] - Testify
* Symphony X - Kiss Of Fire + In My Darkest Hour + Run With The Devil + Underworld
Fear Factory - Dielectric [Single]
World War Four [NZ] - DHP

Pleasurable Powerwolf Percussion

Rules Of Addiction [NZ] - Computerized
Seven Tongues [NZ] - Jack
Shakhan [NZ] - Moth
Shihad [NZ] - All The Young Facists
* Powerwolf - Dead Until Dark + Higher Than Heaven + Sacramental Sister + Let There Be Night
Sonic Alter [NZ] - Forgotten Warrior
Slipping Tongue [NZ] - Quarter Anger
Scurvy Dogs [NZ] - Pirate Blood
El Schlong [NZ] - Boredom
Stormzone - Abandoned Souls [Single]
Kadavar - Lord Of The Sky [Single]


Friday 21 August @ Dux Live – Dawn of Azazel with Colossvs (AUS), support from Blindfolded and Led to the Woods and Bow Messiah. $15 on the door.

Saturday August 22nd @ The Bedford CPSA – All the way from Texas – Hellyeah featuring Vinnie Paul of Pantera.

25th of August @ Kings Arms Auckland – The Dillinger Escape Plan “One of us is the Killer” Tour. 7:30pm

26th of August @ Valhalla Wellington – The Dillinger Escape Plan “One of us is the Killer” Tour. 7:30pm

Friday 18th September @ The Bedford CPSA - Sebastian Bach - 18 and LIVE Down Under Tour.

Wednesday October 7th @ Kings Arms Tavern, AUCKLAND – Toxic Holocaust – Nuke The Southern Cross Tour w Bulletbelt.

Friday October 23rd @ Dux Live – Anathema – Acoustic Tour. 8Pm R18 $60+bf

Saturday 24th October @ The Kings Arms, AUCKLAND – Anathema – Acoustic Tour. R18 $60+bf

[20 + 21st Nov – Wellington & Auckland – Alestorm's Piratefest]



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