Thursday, October 08, 2015

The Golden Age of Dystopia on CACOPHONY.

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Tonight on CACOPHONY - Corporal Jigsore and Captain Catsquid check out a brand new track from the upcoming Megadeth album, Dystopia, due out January 22nd, as well as some brutal kiwi Metal from Offal Stench, Malevolence, Backyard Burial, Blindfolded and Led to the Woods, Men An Tol, and some request for some old school Thrash

CACOPHONY – The Golden Age of Dystopia Part 1

1 – Malevolence (NZ) – Fuck the Lord
2 – Backyard Burial (NZ) – The Bone Collector
3 - Megadeth – Wake up Dead (R)
4 – Slayer – Silent Scream (R)
5 – Exodus – A Lesson in Violence (R)
6 – Deicide – To Hell with God
7 – The Cavelera Conspiracy – Inflikted
8 – Dragonforce – Lost Souls in Endless Time
9 – Troika (NZ) – Succubus
10 – Strapping Young lad – You Suck
11 – Gorefest – Reality/When you Die
12 – King Diamond – Eye of the Witch

CACOPHONY – The Golden Age of Dystopia Part 2

13 – Darkthrone – Grave with a View
14 – Men An Tol (NZ) – Dead Trees
15 – Megadeth – Fatal Illusion
16 – Blindfolded and Led to the Woods (NZ) – Fuck You Look Awesome
17 – Diocletian (NZ) – Order of the Ironfist
18 – Awakened Inferno (NZ) – Dystopia
19 – At the Gates - Cold
20 – Bow Messiah (NZ) – Perfect Virus
21 – Entombed – Severe Burns
22 – Kreator – Golden Age
23 – Amon Amarth – Where Silent Gods Stand Guard
24 – Offal Stench (NZ) – Self Inflicted Cannibalism
25 – Dying of the Light (NZ) - Monolithium


NOTICE – Allen Street Live is currently closed for local acts until further notice, but will be open for all international touring bands currently booked. Check out their Facebook page to stay in the loop.

Wednesday October 7th @ Kings Arms Tavern, AUCKLAND – Toxic Holocaust – Nuke the Southern Cross Tour w Bulletbelt.

Saturday October 10th @ Dux Live – Troika, Samsara, Secularity, Meta, and My Dad’s a Heart Surgeon. Free Entry

Friday October 23rd @ Dux Live – Anathema Acoustic Tour. 8Pm R18 $60+bf

Saturday October 24th @ The Kings Arms, AUCKLAND – Anathema Acoustic Tour. R18 $60+bf

Friday November 20th @ Valhalla, Wellington, and Saturday November 21st @ Whammy Bar, Auckland - Alestorm's Piratefest with support from Lagerstein.

Thursday December 3rd @ Allen St Rock Club, Christchurch - Misfits NZ Tour. R18 8pm $67.55 + bf

Thursday December 3rd @ The Bedford CPSA, Christchurch - Zakk Wylde's Black Label Society New Zealand Tour. R18 8pm $80.

Friday December 4th @ Allen St Rock Club - The Exploited Punks not Dead… Ever! Tour. R18 8pm $55.90 +bf

Thursday April 28th @ Vector Arena Auckland, and Saturday April 30th @ Forsyth Bar Stadium Dunedin – Black Sabbath, The End. The final tour from the legendary metal pioneers.

Friday April 29th Horncastle Arena & Sunday May 1st at Vector Arena - Iron Maiden – The Book of Souls World Tour. Tickets from Ticketmaster.



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