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Kicked in the 'Core on CACOPHONY...

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Kicked in the 'Core this week on CACOPHONY, all the music from the last few months with “core” in the genre - Hardcore, Metalcore, Deathcore, Horrorcore… and well… you get the idea. Feature artists are Sacrilege and Vision Of Disorder. New 'core from Devil You Know, Soilwork, Brigades and Whoretopsy, a request for Pantera and enough NZ Metal(core) to stuff a 'coreWhore!

As always a big thanks to the Bands, Labels and Distros that support CACOPHONY with the latest music, interview access and the odd giveaways! This week it is Relapse and Candlelight records, do them and us a favour and go check out all the great stuff on the links below!

Sacrilege [UK] [Crustcore - Thrash] - Behind The Realms Of Madness [1985] [RR 13th Nov, 2015]

Vision Of Disorder [USA] [Hardcore] - Razed To The Ground [13th Nov, 2015]

Playlist of Sacrilege

Depths [NZ] - Sermons Of Sanctimony
Maruta - Genocide Interval
Backyard Burial [NZ] - Covered In Pigs Blood
Brigades - Dearly Beloved
Human [NZ] - Teenage Bonesaw Massacre
End Of Daze - On Your Knees
Bow Messiah [NZ] - Fun With A Knife
Soilwork - All Along Echoing Paths
* Sacrilege - Lifeline + Shadow From Mordor + Feed + Dig Your Own Grave
Torturer [NZ] - Gutting The Scrotum
Suicide Silence - Sacred Words
Numbskull [NZ] - Hook, Line & Hammer
Speaking The King's - Breathe

a Vision Of Disorder Playlist

Pantera - Fucking Hostile [Request]
Malevolence [NZ] - The Adversary
Gehtika - The Fiend Staring Back At Me
Blindfolded And Led To The Woods [NZ] - You're Just Like Captain Planet But With Less Friends
* Vision Of Disorder - Heart Of Darkness + Hours In Chaos + Severed Wing + Amurdica A Culture Of Violence
Offal Stench [NZ] - Fumes Of The Offal Pit
Devil You Know - We Live
Mutangent [NZ] - The New Suicide
We Came As Romans - Tear It Down
The Rising Tide [NZ] - Nightmare
Varg - Rodhette
Sixlip [NZ] - With These Words
For Today - Forced Into Fire
Scrotum [NZ] - I Wanna Fuck You Up The Arse
Whoretopsy - Gym Junkie


Saturday December 19th @ Churchills Live - Short Blast to Oblivion 2, feat. Vixen Execution, Sacrament, Place of Skulls, Organectomy, Gormukiliodokus, and Secularity. R18, $10 on the door.

Friday January 22nd @ The Factory Bar Timary – Groovefest IV featuring Stonehurst, Osmium, Pieces of Molly and Earthshield.

Saturday January 23rd @ Churchills – Groovefest IV, featuring His Masters Voice, Stonehurst, Bakers Eddy, and Pieces of Molly.

Sunday February 28th @ Valhalla (Wellington) – 1349 with support from Vargafrost, tickets $55 from Under the Radar

Thursday April 28th @ Vector Arena Auckland, and Saturday April 30th @ Forsyth Bar Stadium Dunedin – Black Sabbath, The End. The final tour from the legendary metal pioneers.

Friday April 29th Horncastle Arena & Sunday May 1st at Vector Arena - Iron Maiden – The Book of Souls World Tour. Tickets from Ticketmaster.





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