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Full Death Ahead on CACOPHONY...

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It's Full Death Ahead this week on CACOPHONY. Still playing catch-up to all the great Metal released during NZ Metal Month of May, the LostMessiah features Necronomicon and Dawn Of Disease. New Metal from Chronolyth, Backdawn, Wormed and more. Requests for Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden and Motorhead from listeners and the usual NZ Metal suspects combine to give you yet one more 2 hour Metalfest from CACOPHONY!

Necronomicon [Canada] [Death Metal] - Advent Of The Human God [2016]

Dawn Of Disease [Germany] [Death Metal] - Worship The Grave [2016]

Necronomicon Playlist

The Mark Of Man [NZ] - The Craven
Fallujah - Amber Gaze
Depths [NZ] - Eradication
Chronolyth - Facing The Ash
* Necronomicon - The Golden Gods (The Blood Of Ages) + The Fjord + I Bringer Of Light + Alchemy Of The Avatar
Tainted [NZ] - 8mm
Whispered - Exile Of The Floating World
Backdawn - You Raised Me To Fail
Gorguts - Pleiades' Dust [Radio Edit]
Septicide [NZ] - Artillery
Be'Lakor - Roots To Sever

Dawn Of Disease Playlist

Black Sabbath - The Mob Rules [Request]
Iron Maiden - Flash Of The Blade [Request]
Motorhead - Locomotive [Request]
Malevolence [NZ] - Life Machines
* Dawn Of Disease - Worship The Grave + On Trails Of Death + Cult Of The Fading Light + Outsourcing The Brain
Hellborne [NZ] - Cocaine Shame
Wormed - Neomorph Mankind
In Dread Response [NZ] - Tortured Vocation
Cancerous Womb - The Shrieking Of Idiots
Imperium - Titanomachy
Defiled - Towards Inevitable Ruin


July 15th @ Darkroom – Blindfolded and Led to the Woods, playing their upcoming second album in full before heading up north to record it! With support from Setentia and Swarf, $10 on the door.

July 15th @ Churchills Live – Altearoa presents Frostocalypse, featuring Empire, Scizerac, In Our Sights, and State of malice, $10 on the door.

Wednesday July 20th @ Churchills Live  – Depths and Thy Assassin with support from Arcadian, $10 on the door.

Thursday July 21st @ Darkroom – Dust, the Beyond Flesh Tour, with State of Malice, My Dad;s a Heart Surgeon, and Kavikryn. $5 on the door.

Friday July 22nd @ The Crown Hotel (Dunedin) - Depths and Thy Assassin with Deathcall & Vile.

Saturday July 23rd @ RE Society (Timaru) - Depths and Thy Assassin with Into Orbit, Blindfolded and Led to the Woods, Swaf & many more. $20 on the door.

Friday July 22nd @ Churchills Live – Into Orbit, with Troika and Samsara, $10 on the door.

July 30th @ Darkroom – Winterfest, featuring Vargafrost, Men An Tol, Voice of the Black Pharaoh with more TBA, only $5 on the door.

Saturday August 6th @ Altitude Bar, Hamilton - Knightshade “Out for the Count” one last Gig in the City and that's it. R18 $30

Saturday September 10th @ Churchills Live - ACCA DACCA - The Australian AC/DC Show with support from Skelter. Tickets just $25 from Eventfinda.

Friday September 16th @ Churchills Live – Symbiotic Deathfest, featuring Organectomy, Decimated King, Cephalopod, Silent Torture, Sanity Breach, Dr Diesel and the Octane Outlaws, and Verminlord, $10 on the door.



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