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Paralysed by Brutal Kiwi Metal on CACOPHONY!

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Tonight on CACOPHONY - we check out the new Ulcerate album, Shrines of Paralysis that just dropped last week, as well as a track from the new MetalTower album, Myopic Dystopia, buy it now from their bandcamp page because it’s brutal as fuck. Plus more brutal kiwi Metal from Primacy, Organectomy, Vargafrost, Sojourner, Booze Pooze, oh and that new Metallica track I suppose.

Ulcerate, Shrines of Paralysis (2016, Relapse)


CACOPHONY – Paralysed by Brutal Kiwi Metal Part 1

1 – Metallica – Atlas, Rise!
2 – Behemoth – The Satanist
3 – Gojira – Magma
4 – Ulcerate (NZ) – Yield to Naught
5 – Cannibal Corpse – Fucked with a Knife
6 – Primacy (NZ) – The Secret
7 – Vargafrost (NZ) - The Light of Baldr
8 – Ghost – Mummy Dust
9 – Ulcerate (NZ) – There Are No Saviours
10 – Darkthrone – Inbred Vermin

CACOPHONY – Paralysed by Brutal Kiwi Metal Part 2

11 – MetalTower (NZ) – Myopic Dytopia
12 – Ulcerate (NZ) – Chasm of Fire
13 – Terrorizer – Hordes of Zombies
14 – Organectomy (NZ) – Accede to Temptation
15 – Sojourner (NZ) – Trails of the Earth
16 – Dark Funeral – Temple of Ahriman
17 – Absence of the Sacred – The Necropolitan
18 – Ulcerate (NZ) – End the Hope
19 – Belphegor – Blood Magick Necromance
20 – Booze Pooze (NZ) – Diabetes Burrito
21 – Psychostick – Dogs Like Socks

Friday November 11th @ Churchills Live – Of Blackest Oceans, the Identity Tour, with support from Out Cold AD, Deceive the Sky and Arcadian. $5 on the door.


Saturday November 12th @ Churchills Live – Troika, the  My brain is a Receiver album release, with support from No Broadcast and Mobius. $10 on the door or $15 with a CD!


Saturday November 19th at Churchills – Killed by Death Motorhead Tribute, with Thunderwulf and Tyrannosauruas Wreck, $10 if you’re a NIF, or $15 for you and a mate.


Saturday November 26th @Churchills Live – Vixen Execution’s 10th Slamiversary, with Blindfolded & led to the Woods, Organectomy, A Comfortable Way to Rot, & Gormukilliododus, $10 pn the door.

Saturday December 3rd @ Darkroom – Heresiarch, with Trepenation, Place of Skulls, and Voice of the Black Pharaoh, $10 on the door.


Friday December 9th @ Churchills Live – Scizerac, the Steam Train Hangover single release, with support from Lebowski, Sanity Breach, and Swarf. $10 on the door.

Saturday December 31s @ The Embankment – Short Blast To Oblivion IV, New Year’s Eve, featuring DeathCall [Dunedin], Fourth Age of the Sun, Auton, Gormukilliodokus.


Saturday December 31s @ Cathedral Square – Devilskin, with Halestorm, City of Souls, and Stonehurst. Tickets from eventfinda.co.nz


Saturday January 28th @ Churchills Live – Groovefest 5, featuring Stonehurst, Armed In Advance, Quinn The Human, Skelter, Smokin' Voodoo and Enfire. Tickets from Cosmic or $20 on the door.


Thursday February 2nd @ The Powerstation (AKL) – Opeth, the Sorceroess World Tour. Tickets from Ticketmaster.


Thursday March 9th @ The Powerstation (AKL) – Meshuggah, the Violent Sleep of Reason tour, tickets from aaatcketing.co.nz





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