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Interviewed & Decapitated on CACOPHONY...

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Tonight on Cacophony RDU 98.5 FM, we talk to Vogg from Decapitated about their new album Anticult, out now on Nuclear Blast, check out tracks from the album, plus a full arse load of Death Metal from NZ and abroad, including Cannibal Corpse, Deicide, Suffocation, Blindfolded and Led to the Woods, Torturor, Zerstiren, Silent Torture, and fuck tons more.

Decapitated – Anticult (2017, Nuclear Blast)

CACOPHONY – The Kult is Dead, Long Live the Kult, Part 1

1 – Decapitated – Impulse
2 – Akaname (NZ) – The Animus Obscene
3 – Meatyard (NZ) – Molested Guts
4 – Cannibal Corpse – Frantic Diembowelment
5 – Decapitated – Deathvaluation
6 – Brutalized Mortality (NZ) – 8.7 on the Anal Richter
7 – Blindolded and Led to the Woods (NZ) – A Wolf in a Wall Street Tomb
8 – Morbid Angel – Visions from the Darkside
9 – Backyard Burial (NZ) – The Bone Collector
10 – Decapitated – One Eyed Nation
11 – Torturor (NZ) – Stabbed in Half
12 – Suffocation – Return to the Abyss
13 – Ulcerate (NZ) – Shrines of Paralysis

CACOPHONY – The Kult is Dead, Long Live the Kult, Part 2

14 – Decapitated – Anger Line
15 – Malevolence (NZ) – Nothing & Nowhere
16 – Immolation – Thrown to the Fire
17 – Deicide – They are the Children of the Underworld
18 – Pestilence – Land of Tears
19 – Zerstiren (NZ) – Agnosis
20 – Silent Torture (NZ) – Trail of Corpses
21 – Decapitated – Amen
22 – Interview with Vogg of Decapitated
23 – Decapitated – Kill the Cult


Wednesday 26th July @ Whammy Bar [Auckland] - Anglecorpse “Extermination 2017” Tour

Thursday 27th July @ Valhalla [Wellington] - Anglecorpse “Extermination 2017” Tour

Saturday 2nd September @ The Studio [Auckland] - Kreator NZ/Australia Tour feat. Vader. 7Pm $80. 

Wednesday September 20th @ The Foundry (Christchurch) - Ministry NZ Tour - First time back in NZ since Big Day Out 1995.

Friday September 22nd @ The Studio (Auckland) - Ministry NZ Tour - First time back in NZ since Big Day Out 1995.

Wednesday 4th October @ Kings Arms [Auckland] - Campaign For Destruction feat. Napalm Death, Brujera & Lockup.

Symbiotic Extreme Metal Festival 2017 - One city, Two nights, 16 Bands. 

Friday 20th October @ Valhalla [Wellington] - Crypt Incursion, Voltherm, Oblivion Dawn, Decimated King, Men An Tol, Setentia & Vargafrost. 8Pm $10 Door. 

Saturday 21th October @ Valhalla [Wellington] - Order Of Diptera, Sanity Breach, Silent Torture, Carnal, Thy Assassin, Vixen Execution, Organectomy & Depraved. 8Pm $10 Door 

Tuesday 24th October @ San Fran Bath House [Wellington] - Dillinger Escape Plan

Wednesday 25th October @ Kings Arms [Auckland] - Dillinger Escape Plan

25th Anniversary of SATANFEST featuring;

Fri 27th October @ The Embankment Tavern [Christchurch] 6pm-1am

Place Of Skulls [CHCH]
Go On Dying [UK]
Corpse Feast [NAPIER]
Voice of the Black Pharaoh [CHCH]
Malevolence [AUCKLAND]
Blood of the Moon [WELLINGTON]
Anno Domini Mortus [NEW PLYMOUTH]

Sat 28th October @ The Embankment Tavern [Christchurch] 6pm-1am

Undiscovered Moons Of Saturn [AUCKLAND]
Gormukilliodokus [CHCH]
Grief [CHCH]
DeathCall [DUNEDIN]
Sanity Breach [TIMARU]
Men An Tol [CHCH]
Vargafrost [TASMAN]
Vassafor [AUCKLAND]

Sun 29th October @ The Embankment Tavern [Christchurch] 3pm-9pm

Carradine Choke [CHCH]
Secularity [CHCH]
Fourth Age of the Sun [CHCH]
Decimated King [CHCH]
Black Metal Sabbath [AUCKLAND]
Organectomy [CHCH]
Satanicum [CHCH]



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