Wednesday, July 25, 2018

The Second Coming Of Heavy on CACOPHONY...

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This week the LostMessiah continues his backlog clearing double feature artist routine with New albums from Caliban, Naberus,Iron Monkey and Ride The Sun. Complimentary NZ Metal also features as always, with the odd verbal interjection from me, the LostMessiah.

Ride The Sun [USA] [Stoner Southern Metal] - The Second Coming Of Heavy [Split with The Trikes] [2018]

Iron Monkey [UK] [Sludge Doom] - 9-13 [2018]

Ride The Sun, Iron Monkey Playlist

Osmium [NZ] - Forever Damned
Them Dirty Saints [NZ] - IP
*Ride The Sun -  5 on 4
*Ride The Sun -  Karma Wastes
*Ride The Sun -  Step To The Square
*Ride The Sun -  Bail
Stonehurst [NZ] - Can't Get Away
Dick Tracy [NZ] - Old Long Johnson
*Iron Monkey - Crown Of Electrodes
*Iron Monkey - OmegaMangler
*Iron Monkey - Toadcrucifier - R.I.P.PER
*Iron Monkey - Destroyer
His Masters Voice [NZ] - Don't Trust Myself
Amos Amon [NZ] - The Verge Of Relapse

Naberus [Australia] [NU Thrash] - Hollow [2018]

Caliban [Germany] [Metalcore] - Elements [2018]

Hollow Elements Playlist

Monsterworks [NZ] - Kingdom Of Heathen
Blacktooth [NZ] - Framework Of Eternity
*Naberus - Split In Two
*Naberus - Shadows
*Naberus - I Disappear
*Naberus - The Burrow
The Rising Tide [NZ] - Nightmare
Antagonist A.D. [NZ] - I'm Just Not There
*Caliban - I'm Bleeding For You
*Caliban - Set Me Free
*Caliban - I Am Fear
*Caliban - Masquerade
Mutangent [NZ] - 2nd Skin
Bor'Tas [NZ] - Bullet

GIGS - send your Gig Listing to gigs(at)

Tue 31st July @ Darkroom [Christchurch];
Wed 1st August @ Valhalla [Wellington];
Thur 2nd August @ Whammy [Auckland] - Mortiis [Norway] NZ Winter Tour feat. a special performance of the 1994 album 'Ånden Som Gjorde Opprør' [The Spirit Who Ripped Up]

Tue 21st Aug @ Whammy [Auckland] - Archspire [Canada] NZ Tour w Organectomy & Order Of Diptera;
Wed 22nd Aug @ Valhalla [Wellington] - Archspire [Canada] NZ Tour w Organectomy, Order Of Diptera & Mercy.

Thu 23rd August @ Spark Arena [Auckland];
Sat 25th August @ Horncastle [Christchurch] - Queens Of The Stone Age “Villans” World Tour. AA

Mon 17th Sep @ Whammy [Auckland];
Tue 18th Sep @ Club Tavern [Christchurch];
Wed 19th Sep @ Valhalla [Wellington] - Aborted “NerrorVision NZ Tour 2018”

Sun 14th Oct @ The Studio [Auckland] - Dimmu Borgir Australia / New Zealand 'UNVEILING' Tour.

Fri 26th Oct @ The Embankment Tavern [Christchurch] -
Sat 27th Oct @ The Embankment Tavern [Christchurch] - SATANFEST 2018 - 12 Bands over 2 days. R18

Contaminated [MELBOURNE]
Malevolence [AUCKLAND]
Bulletbelt [WELLINGTON]
Nystagmus [AUCKLAND]
Undiscovered Moons Of Saturn [AUCKLAND]
Spiteful Urinator [HAMILTON]
Vargafrost [NELSON]
DeathCall [DUNEDIN]
Methchrist [DUNEDIN]

Sun 11th Nov @ Vahalla [Wellington];
Mon 12th Whammy [Auckland] - Conan [UK] & Bell Witch [USA] NZ/OZ Tour

OZ Tours
May/June - Escape The Fate - 10 year Anniversary Tour -
July - Alien Weaponry - Melbourn, Sydney, Brisbane East Coast Tour.
October - Dimmu Borgir



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