Wednesday, September 19, 2018

the Immortal Black Craft of Metal on CACOPHONY.

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This week on CACOPHONY the LostMessiah gets dark and doomy with feature artists Immortal, Craft and Count Raven. Plenty of NZ Metal as always and the monotonous drone of the LostMessiah filling in the in-between bits!

Immortal [Norway] [Black] - Northern Chaos Gods [2018]

Craft [Sweden] [Black] - White Noise and Black Metal [2018]

Immortal Black Craft Playlist

Omat Makkarat [NZ] - Vinterisen
*Immortal - Into Battle Ride
*Immortal - Called To Ice
*Immortal - Where Mountains Rise
*Immortal - Blacker Of Worlds
Helm Of Awe [NZ] - Emerge
Dissolution [NZ] - Bi-Polar
*Craft - The Cosmic Sphere Falls
*Craft - Again
*Craft - Darkness Falls
*Craft - White Noise
Malevolence [NZ] - Life Machines

Count Raven Doom Playlist

Osmium [NZ] - Forever Damned
*Count Raven - Fallen Angels
*Count Raven - Shine
Second Gear Grind [NZ] - Stone Bullet
*Count Raven - In Honour
*Count Raven - Chrittes Triumph
Osmium [NZ] - Empty Bottles
*Count Raven - Let The Dead Bury The Dead
*Count Raven - No One's Hero
Beastwars [NZ] - Black Days
*Count Raven - Inam Naudemina
*Count Raven - Frightened Eyes Never Lie

GIGS - send your Gig Listing to gigs(at)

Mon 17th Sep @ Whammy [Auckland];
Tue 18th Sep @ Club Tavern [Christchurch] - Aborted “NerrorVision NZ Tour 2018”. R18 $40 feat. Organectomy / Blindfolded and Led to the Woods / Dust A.D
Wed 19th Sep @ Valhalla [Wellington] - Aborted “NerrorVision NZ Tour 2018”. R18 $40

Sat 29th Sep @ Valhalla [Wellington] - The Black Dahlia Murder “Nightbringers” NZ Tour feat. Scorn of Creation [NZ] - Dark Divinity [NZ] & Grey Skies Over Rapture [NZ].
Sun 30th Sep @ Whammy [Auckland] - The Black Dahlia Murder “Nightbringers” NZ Tour feat. Silent Torture [NZ] & Destructatron [NZ].

Mon 8th Oct @ Vahalla [Wellington];
Tue 9th Oct @ Whammy [Auckland] - Church Of Misery [Japan] “Doom of NZ Tour”

Sun 14th Oct @ The Studio [Auckland] - Dimmu Borgir Australia / New Zealand 'UNVEILING' Tour feat Earth Rot [OZ]. Win Tickets to the Auckland Show here;

Thu 18th Oct @ San Fran [Wellington] - Thy Art Is Murder [OZ] “The Death Dealers” NZ Tour feat Decimated King [NZ]
Fri 19th Oct @ Galatos [Auckland] - Thy Art Is Murder [OZ] “The Death Dealers” NZ Tour feat Silent Torture [NZ]
Sat 20th Oct @ Empire [Christchurch] - Thy Art Is Murder [OZ] “The Death Dealers” NZ Tour feat Mercy

Thu 25th Oct @ Valhalla [Wellington] - Reaper [OZ] & Contaminated [OZ] “1st Time NZ Tour” feat. NZ Metal from Stalker, Stress Ghetto & Piggery.

Fri 26th Oct @ The Embankment Tavern [Christchurch] -
Sat 27th Oct @ The Embankment Tavern [Christchurch] -
Sun 28th Oct @ The Embankment Tavern [Christchurch] - SATANFEST 2018 - 12 Bands over 2 days. R18

Contaminated [MELBOURNE]
Malevolence [AUCKLAND]
Bulletbelt [WELLINGTON]
Nystagmus [AUCKLAND]
Undiscovered Moons Of Saturn [AUCKLAND]
Spiteful Urinator [HAMILTON]
Vargafrost [NELSON]
DeathCall [DUNEDIN]
Methchrist [DUNEDIN]

Thur 1st Nov @ Whammy [Auckland] - Scorn Of Creation [NZ] NZ Tour 2018 w TBA
Fri 2nd Nov @ New City Hotel [Christchurch] - Scorn Of Creation [NZ] NZ Tour 2018 w Decimated King [NZ] & Silent Torture [NZ]
Sat 3rd Nov @ The Crown Hotel [Dunedin] - Scorn Of Creation [NZ] NZ Tour 2018 w Decimated King [NZ] & Silent Torture [NZ]

Sun 11th Nov @ Whammy [Auckland];
Tue 13th Nov @ Valhalla [Wellington] - Sinsaenum “Repulsion of Humanity” NZ Tour feat. Bulletbelt [NZ]

Sun 11th Nov @ Vahalla [Wellington];
Mon 12th Whammy [Auckland] - Conan [UK] & Bell Witch [USA] NZ/OZ Tour

OZ Tours
October - Dimmu Borgir
October - Bruce Dickinson “What Does This Button Do?” One Man Tour.



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