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Sisters Of Insanity on CACOPHONY...

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This week on CACOPHONY the LostMessiah features Insanity Alert and Sisters Of Suffocation new albums. New releases from Legion Of The Damned, Loudhailer, Dust Bolt and Wreath. Throw in a healthy dose of NZ Metal, prime a hapless host on Redbull & baked beans and you have the makings of another episode of CACOPHONY!

Insanity Alert [Austria] [Thrash] - 666 Pack [2019]

666 Playlist

Wreath - Immeasurable Heaven
3000 A.D. [NZ] - Cells
Battlegrave - Swallowed By The Wave
Sounds Of Vengeance [NZ] - Last Stand Of The Minotaur
* Insanity Alert - Cobra Commander + Echoes Of Death
* Insanity Alert - One Eye Is King (In The Land Of The Blind) + Welcome To Hell
* Insanity Alert - Chronic State Of Hate + A Skullcrushin' Good Time
* Insanity Alert - Dark Energon + Demons Get Out
Bulletbelt [NZ] - Faster Than Death
Dust Bolt - Dead Inside
Tainted [NZ] - Worthless
Artillery - The Face Of Fear

Sisters Of Suffocation [Netherlands] [Death] - Humans Are Broken [2019]

Broken Playlist

Legion Of The Damned - The Widow's Breed
Molenaar [NZ] - Hate Not Phobia + Mindlock
As The Kingdom Drowns - We Are The Keepers
Dark Divinity [NZ] - Exegesis
* Sisters Of Suffocation - Humans Are Broken
* Sisters Of Suffocation - War In My Head
* Sisters Of Suffocation - Little Shits
* Sisters Of Suffocation - Blood On Blood
Loudhailer [NZ] - Death Brought To Me
Outer Heaven - Decaying Remains
Depraved [NZ] - Spewing The Begotten
Unleashed - By The Western Wall
Destructatron [NZ] - Stoned To Death
Nothgard - Epitaph

GIGS - send your Gig Listing to gigs(at)

Fri 22nd Mar @ New City Hotel [Christchurch] - COBFest - a Farewell to the New City Hotel - Pieces Of Molly, Scrooge, Enfire, Yarnspinner, Butterflies Welcoming Spring & Moonflower.
R18 $28 Door or $15+bf @ 

Thursday 21st Mar@ Totara St, Tauranga  -
Friday 22nd Mar@ Altitude, Hamilton  -
Saturday 23rd Mar@ Studio, Auckland  -
Thursday 28th Mar @ 50 Gorillas, Dunedin  -
Fri 29th Mar @ Empire [Christchurch] - Alien Weaponry NZ Tour

Tue 26th Mar @ Empire [Christchurch] - Thrash Blast Grind Fest feat. Phil Anselmo & The Illegals [USA], Palm [Japan] and Potion [Australia] and King Parrot [Australia]
Wed 27th @ Galatos [Auckland] -

Fri 29th March @ Valhalla [Wellington] - Malignancy [NZ] Headless Album Release. R18 $9+bf

Mon 1st Apr @ Valhalla [Wellington] - Obscura [Germany] - Diluvium NZ Tour. R18 7:30pm

Fri 5th & Sat 6th Apr @ Micky Finn's [Christchurch] - Groovefest 7 feat. Skinny Hobo's, Stonehurst, Scrooge, Elidi, Coridian, Dusty Hustle, Themeta. AA 8pm $20+bf

Thu 11th Apr @ Club Tavern [Christchurch] - Mercy [Oz] The Dead Cold NZ Tour feat. Wraith [Oz], Precursor [NZ] with Devade [NZ]. R18 $10+bf or $15 Door
Fri 12th Apr @ Fifty Gorillas [Dunedin] - with Dust A.D. [NZ]
Sat 13th Apr @ Factory Bar [Timaru] -   with Decimated King [NZ]

Mon 15th April @ Valhalla [Wellington] - Omnium Gatherum [Finland] - Driven By Conflict & Sin Tour
Tue 16th April @ Whammy Bar [Auckland] -

Wed 24th Apr @ The Crown [Dunedin] -
Thu 25th Apr @ Darkroom [Christchurch] - Primative Man feat. Heresiarch
Fri 26th Apr @ Valhalla [Wellington] -
Sat 27th Apr @ Thirsty Dog [Auckland] -
Sun 28th Apr @ Nirvana [Hamilton] -

Tue 30th Apr @ Valhalla [Wellington] -
Wed 1st May @ Whammy Bar [Auckland] - At The Gates & The Haunted - Swedish Slaughter NZ Tour feat. Dark Devinity [NZ]

Sat 11th May @ Galatos [Auckland] -
Sun 12th May @ Valhalla [Wellington] - Eluveitie [Switzerland] NZ Tour 2019. R18 8pm $62.90+bf

Tue 14th May @ Valhalla [Wellington] -
Wed 15th May @ Whammy [Auckland] - Beyond Creation [Canada] - Algorythm NZ Tour 2019 feat. Rivers Of Nihil [USA]

Sat 18th May @ Valhalla [Wellington] -
Sun 19th May @ Whammy [Auckland] - Korpiklaani - NZ & Oz Tour. TBC

Tue 28th May @ Whammy Bar [Auckland] -
Wed 29th May @ Vahalla [Wellington] - Destroyer 666 [Australia] “Call of the Wild” Tour 2019 feat. Bolzer [Switzerland]. R18 $42+bf

Wed 5th June @ Galatos [Auckland] - Haken [UK] - Australasian Vector Studies Tour

Thu 20th Jun @ Whammy [Auckland] -
Fri 21st June @ Valhalla [Wellington] - Incantation [USA] NZ Tour 2019 feat. Nervochaos [Brazil]

Thu 31st Oct @ Mt Smart [Auckland] - Metallica [USA] Worldwired Tour 2019 feat. Slipknot [USA].


March - Obscura [Germany] - Diluvium Australian Tour 2019 feat. Alarum & Somnium Nox, 28-30th March.

March 17-24th - Max & Igor CAVALERA “Return Beneath Arise Tour” 2019

April - Emperor [Norway] - Anthems To The Welkin At Dusk Oz Tour 2nd - 5th April 2019 

April 10-27th - Omnium Gatherum [Finland] “Driven By Conflict & Sin Tour” feat Orpheus Omega.

May 30th - June 1st - Destroyer 666 [Australia] “Call of the Wild” Oz +NZ Tour 2019 feat Bolzer [Switzerland].



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