Thursday, April 18, 2019

War, Chaos & Doom... on CACOPHONY!

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This week the LostMessiah treats us to War, Chaos & Doom! All in the space of 2 hours... Three feature artists on the show including, Overkill, Dust Bolt and Candlemass. New tracks from Blacklist9 and Nailed To Obscurity. As always some NZ Metal, plus the usual vocal repartee from your host here on CACOPHONY!

Overkill [USA] [Thrash] - The Wings Of War [2019]

Dust Bolt [Germany] [Thrash] - Trapped In Chaos [2019]

War Chaos Playlist

Blacklist9 - Kali Smile
3000 A.D. [NZ] - Cells
* Overkill - Last Man Standing
* Overkill - Bat Shit Crazy
* Overkill - A Mother's Prayer
* Overkill - Hole In My Soul
Bulletbelt [NZ] - Cloak The Night
Sounds Of Vengeance [NZ] - Circles
* Dust Bolt - The Fourth
* Dust Bolt - Rhythm To My Madness
* Dust Bolt - Chaos Possesion
* Dust Bolt - Who I Am
Soulfly - The Summoning
Tainted [NZ] - Bleed For Me

Candlemass [Sweden] [Doom] - The Door To Doom [2019]

Doom Playlist

Nailed To Obscurity - Black Frost
Stonehurst [NZ] - Can't Get Away
* Candlemass - Bridge Of The Blind
* Candlemass - Splendor Demon Majesty
* Candlemass - Astorolus
* Candlemass - Death's Wheel
Osmium [NZ] - Empty Bottles
Downfall Of Gaia - The Grotesque Illusion
Second Gear Grind [NZ] - Stone Bullet
Windhand - Red Cloud
His Masters Voice [NZ] - Burning

GIGS - send your Gig Listing to gigs(at)

Tue 23rd Apr @ Powerstation [Auckland] - Sevendust - All I See Is War Tour. R18 8pm

Wed 24th Apr @ The Crown [Dunedin] -
Thu 25th Apr @ Darkroom [Christchurch] - Primative Man feat. Heresiarch
Fri 26th Apr @ Valhalla [Wellington] -
Sat 27th Apr @ Thirsty Dog [Auckland] -
Sun 28th Apr @ Nirvana [Hamilton] -

Tue 30th Apr @ Valhalla [Wellington] -
Wed 1st May @ Whammy Bar [Auckland] - At The Gates & The Haunted - Swedish Slaughter NZ Tour feat. Dark Devinity [NZ]

Sat 11th May @ Galatos [Auckland] -
Sun 12th May @ Valhalla [Wellington] - Eluveitie [Switzerland] NZ Tour 2019. R18 8pm $62.90+bf

Tue 14th May @ Valhalla [Wellington] -
Wed 15th May @ Whammy [Auckland] - Beyond Creation [Canada] - Algorythm NZ Tour 2019 feat. Rivers Of Nihil [USA]

Sat 18th May @ Valhalla [Wellington] -
Sun 19th May @ Whammy [Auckland] - Korpiklaani - NZ & Oz Tour. TBC

Tue 28th May @ Whammy Bar [Auckland] -
Wed 29th May @ Vahalla [Wellington] - Destroyer 666 [Australia] “Call of the Wild” Tour 2019 feat. Bolzer [Switzerland]. R18 $42+bf

Wed 5th June @ Galatos [Auckland] - Haken [UK] - Australasian Vector Studies Tour

Thu 20th Jun @ Whammy [Auckland] -
Fri 21st June @ Valhalla [Wellington] - Incantation [USA] NZ Tour 2019 feat. Nervochaos [Brazil]

Wed 26th Jun @ Valhalla [Wellington] -
Thur 27th Jun @ Whammy Bar [Auckland] - Rings Of Saturn (Deathcore) “Dark Memes NZ Tour”. R18 8pm $45+bf ($56)

Thu 31st Oct @ Mt Smart [Auckland] - Metallica [USA] Worldwired Tour 2019 feat. Slipknot [USA].


April 10-27th - Omnium Gatherum [Finland] “Driven By Conflict & Sin Tour” feat Orpheus Omega.

May 30th - June 1st - Destroyer 666 [Australia] “Call of the Wild” Oz +NZ Tour 2019 feat Bolzer [Switzerland].

August 22nd-28th - Devildriver “Australian Tour 2019” feat. All That Remains



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