Thursday, April 04, 2019

Wreath of Soilwork on CACOPHONY!

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This week on CACOPHONY the LostMessiah features new albums from Soilwork and Wreath. New tracks from TYR, Rage Of Light, Nailed To Obscurity, Crystal Lake and 3000AD. Plus plenty of NZ Metal and the Christchurch Gig Guide.

Soilwork [Sweden] [Metalcore - Melodic Death] - Verkligheten [2019]

Bled & Spoilt Playlist

Dark Divinity [NZ] - Seasons Of Darkroom
TYR - King Of Time
TYR - Fire And Flame
The Mark Of Man [NZ] - Memorandum
* Soilwork - Bleeder Despoiler
* Soilwork - Stalfagel
* Soilwork - Witan
* Soilwork - Needles And Kin
In Dread Response [NZ] - Forgotten Wastland
Rage Of Light - Fallen
Majera [NZ] - Silvers
Nailed To Obscurity - Feardom

Wreath [Australia] [Hardcore - Melodic Death] - Silence Evermore [2019]

Revolutionary Indoctrinated Coward Castration Playlist

Rise Of The Northstar - Here Comes The Boom
Fuelset [NZ] - Tear It Down
Crystal Lake - Agony
Mutangent [NZ] - Taking You With Me
* Wreath - Cowards Will Crawl
* Wreath - Revolutionary Suicide
* Wreath - Indoctrinated Filth
* Wreath - Public Castration
3000 A.D. [NZ] - Devolution Theory
Currents - My Disguise
Antagonist A.D. [NZ] - I'm Just Not There
Landmvrks - Fantasy
The Rising Tide - Nightmare
Rise Of The Northstar - This Is Crossover
Molenaar [NZ] - B.E.O.T.P.O.C.

GIGS - send your Gig Listing to gigs(at)

Fri 5th & Sat 6th Apr @ Micky Finn's [Christchurch] - Groovefest 7 feat. Skinny Hobo's, Stonehurst, Scrooge, Elidi, Coridian, Dusty Hustle, Themeta. AA 8pm $20+bf

Thu 11th Apr @ Club Tavern [Christchurch] - Mercy [Oz] The Dead Cold NZ Tour feat. Wraith [Oz], Precursor [NZ] with Devade [NZ]. R18 $10+bf or $15 Door
Fri 12th Apr @ Fifty Gorillas [Dunedin] - with Dust A.D. [NZ]
Sat 13th Apr @ Factory Bar [Timaru] -   with Decimated King [NZ]

Mon 15th April @ Valhalla [Wellington] - Omnium Gatherum [Finland] - Driven By Conflict & Sin Tour
Tue 16th April @ Whammy Bar [Auckland] -

Wed 24th Apr @ The Crown [Dunedin] -
Thu 25th Apr @ Darkroom [Christchurch] - Primative Man feat. Heresiarch
Fri 26th Apr @ Valhalla [Wellington] -
Sat 27th Apr @ Thirsty Dog [Auckland] -
Sun 28th Apr @ Nirvana [Hamilton] -

Tue 30th Apr @ Valhalla [Wellington] -
Wed 1st May @ Whammy Bar [Auckland] - At The Gates & The Haunted - Swedish Slaughter NZ Tour feat. Dark Devinity [NZ]

Sat 11th May @ Galatos [Auckland] -
Sun 12th May @ Valhalla [Wellington] - Eluveitie [Switzerland] NZ Tour 2019. R18 8pm $62.90+bf

Tue 14th May @ Valhalla [Wellington] -
Wed 15th May @ Whammy [Auckland] - Beyond Creation [Canada] - Algorythm NZ Tour 2019 feat. Rivers Of Nihil [USA]

Sat 18th May @ Valhalla [Wellington] -
Sun 19th May @ Whammy [Auckland] - Korpiklaani - NZ & Oz Tour. TBC

Tue 28th May @ Whammy Bar [Auckland] -
Wed 29th May @ Vahalla [Wellington] - Destroyer 666 [Australia] “Call of the Wild” Tour 2019 feat. Bolzer [Switzerland]. R18 $42+bf

Wed 5th June @ Galatos [Auckland] - Haken [UK] - Australasian Vector Studies Tour

Thu 20th Jun @ Whammy [Auckland] -
Fri 21st June @ Valhalla [Wellington] - Incantation [USA] NZ Tour 2019 feat. Nervochaos [Brazil]

Thu 31st Oct @ Mt Smart [Auckland] - Metallica [USA] Worldwired Tour 2019 feat. Slipknot [USA].


 April - Emperor [Norway] - Anthems To The Welkin At Dusk Oz Tour 2nd - 5th April 2019 

April 10-27th - Omnium Gatherum [Finland] “Driven By Conflict & Sin Tour” feat Orpheus Omega.

May 30th - June 1st - Destroyer 666 [Australia] “Call of the Wild” Oz +NZ Tour 2019 feat Bolzer [Switzerland].



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