Thursday, February 11, 2021

the Singles of Metal on CACOPHONY...

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This week finds the Lost Messiah filling in for Captain Catsquid who is taking a dare-devil travel trip to the North Island of NZ... will he make it back?

Heaps of singles have been released so far this year promoting upcoming albums, so this show features all of those. I expect 2021 to the a record year of new Metal Albums with so many bands/artists locked down with bugger all to do other than write music and record it.

Traer el Metal 2021!

Various Playlist

Sirakh - Tear Me To Shreds
Sirenia - Addiction No 1
Motezuma's Revenge - Comfort Of The Sick
Iotunn - Voyage Of The Garganey
Einherjer - Stars
The Dirty Nil - Blunt Force Concussion
Nervosa - Guided By Evil
Bloody Hammers - A Night To Dismember
Nightfall - Darkness Forever
Treyharsh - Agoraphobic
Areis - A Wretched Vow

Season Of Mist Playlist

Fuath - Prophecies
Emptiness - Vide, Incomplet
Culted - Maze
Nightfall - Killing Moon
Autarkh - Turbulence
The Lion's Daughter - Neon Teeth
Culted - Black Bird
Emptiness - L'ailleurs
Culted - Lifers


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