Thursday, August 19, 2021

de Doom of the Sacrosanct Man on CACOPHONY...

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Belgium Doom Metal features this week on CACOPHONY! The Lost Messiah has discovered two independently released Doom albums from Amenra and Cult Of Scarecrow. New Doom from King Baal, Pulse, Ape Vermin and Culted. Plus plenty of NZ Doom to drag out this weeks show!

Amenra [Belgium] [Doom] - de Doom [2021]

de Doom Playlist

King Baal - Touched By The Kiss Of Lucifer
Abhor [NZ] - Forced Victim Dragging Chains
* Amenra - Ogentroost
* Amenra - de Evenmens
* Amenra - Het Gloren
* Amenra - Voor Immer
Stonehurst [NZ] - Prison Of A Sun
Pulse - Forsaker
My Dying Bride - Macabre Cabaret
King Baal - Let's Murder Together
Sinistrous Diabolus [NZ] - Sleep Of The Damned

Cult Of Scarecrow [Belgium] [Doom] - Tales Of The Sacrosanct Man [2021]

Sacrosanct Playlist

King Baal - Fragments
Sleat [NZ] - And Become
* Cult Of Scarecrow - Sacrosanct Men
* Cult Of Scarecrow - Lazarus
* Cult Of Scarecrow - Robotized
* Cult Of Scarecrow - Door Kicker #3
Oblivion Dawn [NZ] - Blackened Earth
Ape Vermin - Megaliths Of Echo
Culted - Lifers
King Baal - Immortality
The Disciples Of Zoldon [NZ] - Monolatrous Mission


Fri 20th August @ Embankment Tavern [Christchurch] - NEBULA [Oz], HOLY SMOKE TOUR

Sat 11th Sep @ 12 Bar [Christchurch] - Blindfolded And Led To The Woods - NZ Tour

Sat 18th Sep @ 12 Bar [Christchurch] - Elidi with Guests

Sat 25th Sep @ Rolling Stone [Christchurch] - Damage Effect [NZ] Metallica Tribute

Wed 6th October @ Embankment Tavern [Christchurch] - WHORES [USA], Oz & NZ TOUR

Sat 30th October @ Embankment Tavern [Christchurch] - Satanfest 2021 feat. Stalker, Nystagmus, Place of Skulls, Bloody Hell, Taur Nu Fuin, Abhor (& Malevolence tbc). $20 Tix at Gutsprayer Records.


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