Saturday, April 30, 2022

CACOPHONY Metal Savagery...

 ~C A C O P H O N Y~

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The Lost Messiah gets all Metalcore and Death Metal this week feature artists Toxpack, Interloper, Fit For An Autopsy and Sanction. The Metal Savagery continues with Australian metallers Zeolite and new releases from Dagoba, Persefone and Setyoursails. NZ Metal too along with the odd vocal interlude.

Toxpack [Germany] [Streetcore] - Zwang. Tausend Volt [2022]

Interloper [USA] [Metalcore] - Search Party [2021]

Coremetal Playlist

Setyoursails - Nightfall (feat. Andreas Dorner)
The Hellfreaks - Sabotage [Beastie Boys Cover]
Seas Of Conflict [NZ] - Eventide
* Toxpack - Zwanzig. Tausend Volt
* Toxpack - Ozean voll Schei├če
* Toxpack - Bastarde fur alle Zeit
* Toxpack - Totgeglaubt, doch neugeboren
Stalker [NZ] - Satanic Panic
Blacktooth [NZ] - Framework Of Eternity
* Interloper - Bound To Fall
* Interloper - Dreamlands
* Interloper - Idle Years
* Interloper - Baring Teeth
Alien Weaponry [NZ] - Buried Underground
Light The Torch - End Of The World
April 21st - Decision

Fit For An Autopsy [USA] [Deathcore] - Oh What The Future Holds [2022]

Sanction [Australia] [Progressive Death] - The Overview Effect [2021]

Coredeath Playlist

Persefone - Katabasis
Dagoba - The Hunt
Malevolence [NZ] - The Wheel
* Fit For An Autopsy - Pandora
* Fit For An Autopsy - In Shadows
* Fit For An Autopsy - A Higher Level Of Hate
* Fit For An Autopsy - Savages
Bowel Rupture [NZ] - Blackline
Bowel Rupture [NZ] - Christ Bearer
* Sanction [Australia] - Monolith
* Sanction [Australia] - The Overview Effect
* Sanction [Australia] - Between The Increments
* Sanction [Australia] - Mote Of Dust
Molenaar [NZ] - Putrid Stench
Zeolite - Nightmare
Zeolite - Indoctrinated

Gigs [All Gigs TBC]

Fri 13th May @ 12 Bar [Christchurch] - Urge2Kill Rising feat. Bloody Hell, Hog, Caradine Choke, Old Haven & Men An Tol. R18 $10 Door

Fri 3rd June @ 12 Bar [Christchurch] - Pieces Of Molly, Elidi, Distance & Bora. R18 $20 Door

Fri 27th May @ 12 Bar [Christchurch] - Aoteraroa Prog Alliance feat. Pull Down the Sun, Alliance, Elidi.

TBA @ The Crown [Dunedin] - Southern Send II feat. Organectomy, Ayamvoid, Utilize the Remains, Vile Disembowelment & Distance. R18 GA $15


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