Wednesday, January 30, 2008

CACOPHONY played Random Acts of Heavy Metal between 11pm & 1am 29th Jan 2008...

~C A C O P H O N Y~
Anti-Christchurch's very own HEAVY METAL radio show on... RDU98.5FM Tuesday's 11pm-1am



Fri 21st @ SFBH [Wellington] - IMMORTAL with Skuldom. Tix NZ$70 @ Real Groovy

Sat 22nd @ 'The Cake Tin' Wellington - LORDI, ALICE COOPER & KISS support from Sonic Altar, The Valves and The Symphony of Screams
Sun 23rd @ 'The Cake Tin' Wellington - POISON, WHITESNAKE & OZZY OSBOURNE support from Sonic Altar, The Valves and The Symphony of Screams


Thur 17th @ DUX DE LUX - HUMAN "Cadaver Academy" NZ Tour w/ PISTOLGRIP.

Sat 19th @ THE SHED* HUMAN "Cadaver Academy" NZ Tour w/ TAINTED and BENEATH THE SILENCE. * = ALL AGES


Entombed - Bursting Out [Venom]
Vader - Immortal Rites [Morbid Angel]
Human - Breaking The Law [Judas Priest] NZ
Life Of Agony - March Of The SOD [SOD]
Entombed - God Of Thunder [Kiss]
Slave Cadaver - Death Certificate [Carcass] NZ
Debauchery - I Can't Dance [Genesis]
Diocletian - All That Remains [Bolt Thrower] NZ
Liers In Wait - Angel Of Death [Slayer] R
Graymalkin - Reek Of Putrefaction [Carcass] NZ
Pig Destroyer - Mapplethorpe Grey R
Malevolence - Ace Of Spades [Motorhead] NZ
Queensryche - Synchronicity II [The Police]
Aphelon - Wipe Out Christianity [Sinistrous Diabolus] NZ
Cradle Of Filth - The Fire Still Burns [Twisted Sister]
Vassafor - Black Funeral [Mercyful Fate] BZ
Wax Audio - Hallowed Be Thy Enemy [Iron Maiden] R
Malevolence - Prime Mover [Zodiac Mindwarp/Alice Cooper] NZ
Six Feet Under - Have A Drink On Me [ACDC] R
Graymalkin - Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic [Police] NZ
Samson - Riding With The Angels R
Vixen Execution - Visions Of Sodomy [Regurgitator] NZ
Marilyn Manson - Sweet Dreams [Eurythmics] R
Malevolence - Walking Corpse [Brutal Truth] NZ
Ugly Kid Joe - NIB [Black Sabbath] R
Slace Cadaver - Incarnated Solvent Abuse [Carcass]
Dark Funeral - Call From The Grave [Bathory]
Daemon - KAP [Brutla Truth]
Divine Rapture - KAP [Brutal Truth]
Robert Schimmel - Retal Car Insurance,[Comedy]


LostMessiah PRESENTS...

*CACOPHONY* Tuesday's 11pm-1am NZST [+12GMT]

RDU98.5FM now streaming LIVE 24/7 at


Phone [0 3] 3 4 8 8 6 1 0

SMS 021RDU985 [021 738985]




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