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CACOPHONY 20 years on... 1993 re-visited!

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This week on CACOPHONY the LostMessiah looks back 20 years to his first "official" show on Saturday night, 1st May 1993. Whilst the original playlist has been lost in time, it was an era when Thrash was on the decline and metal was diverging to Hardcore/Alternative/Grunge one way and Death the other. Cassettes were still more common/popular than CDs and were traded within the metal underground and copied ad-nauseum [ just in case you thought "Piracy" was a new thing... ]

There was no internet as we know it and stores like Echo Records on High St and Grunt Records in the ACE T-Shirts shop were starting to import new metal that we'd only ever read about in magazines. RDU was still broadcasting on 98.3FM and 50% of a CACOPHONY show was phone in requests, which meant hosts had to search through a sports bag crammed full of CDs.

I have selected 20+ tracks from albums released in 1993, there are debuts from now long established bands, last albums from bands and bands that are still playing in 2013.

NEW bands, that hadn't even released albums, were being formed such as;

Abigor, Children of Bodom, Dark Funeral, Demoniac, Diabolical Masquerade, Dimmu Borgir, Electric Wizard, HammerFall, Korn, Mournful Congregation, Mushroomhead, Nile, Rhapsody of Fire, Symphony X, Theatre of Tragedy, Ulver and Virgin Black.

So sit back, relax and hopefully you'll enjoy a retropective snapshot of the metal from 1993!

LostMessiah 20 years on... Playlist 30th April 2013

Part 1

Sinistrous Diabolus [NZ] - Sleep Of The Damned
Entombed - Full Of Hell
Anthrax - 100 Points Of Hate
Sepultura - Clenched Fist
Death - Trapped In A Corner
Carcass - Blind Bleeding The Blind
Tool - Bottom
Motorhead - Death Or Glory
Paradise Lost - Weeping Words
Type O Negative - Blood & Fire
Human [NZ] - Cacophonic Organ Splatter + Open Heart Brain Surgery

Part 2

Life Of Agony - Words And Music
My Dying Bride - The Snow In My Hand
Intorment [NZ] - Grip Of The Serpent
Overkill - Just Like You
Morbid Angel - Pain Divine
Dissection - Mistress Of The Bleeding Sorrow
Cannibal Corpse - The Exorcist
Darkthrone - Summer Of The Diabolic Holocaust
Fight - Into The Pit
Pestilence - Mind Reflections
Atheist - Mineral
Shihad - Factory


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