Tuesday, November 11, 2014

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Back to the GRIND this week on CACOPHONY! We feature new Grindcore metal from NZ's Malevolence and the USA's Columns. Also we have Australian grinders Dystopian, A Breach Of Silence and Defamer plus international metal sent in by bands like Bloodshot Dawn and Evil Brain Taste from the UK. And we have the usual NZ metal too!

Malevolence [NZ] [Black – Death – Grindcore] – Relentless Entropy [3rd May, 2014]
www.malevolencenz.com www.myspace.com/malevolencenz www.facebook.com/malevolencenz

Columns [USA] [Death – Grindcore] – Please Explode [5th Aug, 2014]
www.columnsmusic.com www.columns.bandcamp.com www.facebook.com/columnsmusic

Playlist of Malevolence

Malevolence [NZ] – Sometimes I Have To Cut You [Just So I Feel Something]
Obsidian Kingdom – Cinnamon Balls
Exodus – Blood In, Blood Out
Evil Brain Taste – Shot Through The Head [Back From The Dead]
Malevolence [NZ] – Nothing And Nowhere, Chased Through The Woods [With A Rhyming Dictionary], Human Suit, Idle Hands
Rotten Sound – The Cause, The Game, The Solution
Abaddon Incarnate – Impaled Upon Your Zodiac
Skuldom [NZ] – A Future In Flames, In Silence
Num Skull – Ritually Abused
Beyond Creation – Fundamental Process
Mumakil – Death From Below, War Therapist, Fucktards Parade
Blindfolded And Led To The Woods [NZ] – A Wolf In A Wall St Tomb
Defamer – Conflagration Of Divinity
Septicide – Artillery
Complete Failure – The Unlove Overhue

Playlist of Columns

Exhumed – [So Passes] The Glory Of Death
Malevolence [NZ] – Legalise
Bloodshot Dawn – Smoke And Mirrors
Cavalera Conspiracy – Babylonian Pandemonium
Dying Of The Light [NZ] – Initiation & Sacrifice
Abaddon Incarnate – Funeral Hag
Columns [USA] – Mudfucker, Rattlesnake Steps, Punching Nancy Grace, The God Clause, Bottom Feeders, Laid Off For X-mas, Bear Molester
A Breach Of Silence – Silhouette
Scrotum [NZ] – He Of Cloven Hoof And Hellfire
Dystopian – Book Of The Dead
Subservience – Divine Malevolence
Backyard Burial [NZ] – You're Not Getting Your Hand Back
Bastard Feast – Watchful Defiler
Corrupt Moral Altar – Father Tongue
Malevolence [NZ] – Life Machines


Thursday November 13th @ Churchill’s Live – ANVIL (US) with support from Stonehurst and Pieces of Molly. Tickets from http://www.iticket.co.nz/events/2014/nov/anvil-hope-in-hell-tour-christchurch

Saturday November 22nd @ Churchill’s Live - GROOVEFEST 3, Featuring: Left or Right, Stonehurst, Pieces of Molly, and Kentucky Fried Children. Tickets $15 plus BF from http://www.cosmicticketing.co.nz/event/show/3701 or $20 on the door.

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