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Ravishing Southern Grimness on CACOPHONY...

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Tonight on CACOPHONY - its 100% grim as fuck Kiwi Black Metal, with Winterfest 2016 hitting Darkroom this Saturday our feature album is Vargafrost - Honour, Blood, Spirit and Love, as well as tracks from Voice of the Black Pharaoh, Men An Tol, Oblivion Dawn, Winter Deluge, Sojourner, Exordium Mors, Bulletbelt and more.

Vargafrost – Honour, Blood, Spirit and Love (2015)


1 – Exordium Mors (NZ) – Primordial Inversion Evolution
2 – Creeping (NZ) – Pestilential Rain
3 – Men An Tol (NZ) – Hatred of the Undying Sun
4 – Vargafrost (NZ) – Honour, Blood, Spirit and Love
5 – Oblivion Dawn (NZ) – Dying of Hatred …It’s Lonely Here
6 – Voice of the Black Pharaoh (NZ) – A Slit Throat (12 Roses to the Widow)
7 – Venefecium (NZ) – Mefetic Exhumations
8 – Vargafrost (NZ) – The Great Carven Stones
9 – Draco Aerius (NZ) – Zealot
10 – Vargafrost (NZ) – Vidarr Arising


11 – Winter Deluge (NZ) – A Sphere to Cleanse The Earth
12 – Sojourner (NZ) – Trails of the Earth
13 – Vargafrost (NZ) – Ask and Embla
14 – Diocletian (NZ) – Might is Right
15 – Amidst Haze (NZ) – Resurgence
16 – Vargafrost (NZ) – Thursmegin
17 – Bulletbelt (NZ) – Ironclad
18 – Aphelon (NZ) – The Trial
19 – Vargafrost (NZ) – The Return


July 30th @ Darkroom - Winterfest, featuring Vargafrost, Men An Tol, Voice of the Black Pharaoh (incl members of Blindfolded & Led to the Woods) and Oblivion Dawn (incl members of Oganectomy), only $5 on the door.

Friday August 5th @ Darkroom – EnFire and Little Fang (Time and price TBC)

Saturday August 6th @ Altitude Bar, Hamilton - Knightshade - Out for the Count, one last Gig in the City and that's it. R18 $30

Saturday August 20th @ The Embankment Tavern Unholy Snuff featuring Fourth Age of the Sun, Place of Skulls, Voice of the Black Pharaoh and more TBC.

Saturday September 10th @ Churchills Live - ACCA DACCA - The Australian AC/DC Show with support from Skelter. Tickets just $25 from Eventfinda.

Friday September 16th @ Churchills Live - Symbiotic Deathfest, featuring Organectomy, Decimated King, Cephalopod, Silent Torture, Sanity Breach, Dr Diesel and the Octane Outlaws, and Verminlord, $10 on the door.



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