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Epic Metal Enders on CACOPHONY...

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Tonight on CACOPHONY - We are featuring some of the most epic "album enders" in metal, featuring the last track from some of the most wicked metal albums out, locally and abroad. Expect to hear Iron Maiden, Slayer, Megadeth, Metallica, Black Sabbath, kiwi tunes from Zerstiren, Ulcerate, Dissolution, Beastwars, Backyard Burial and waaaay more.

CACOPHONY – Epic Enders, Part 1

1 – Iron Maiden – Hallowed Be Thy Name
2 – Death – The Philosopher
3 – At The Gates – The Flames of the End
4 – Carcass – Forensic Clinicism, The Sanguine Article
5 – Behemoth – Christgrinding Avenue
6 – Dark Angel – A Subtle Induction
7 – Zerstiren (NZ) – The Great Dictator
8 – Beastwars (NZ) – The Sleeper
9 – Anaal Nathrakh – When Fire Rains Down From The Sky Mankind Will Reap What He Has Sewn

CACOPHONY – Epic Enders, Part 2

10 – Body Count – Cop Killer
11 – Pantera – The Art of Shredding
12 – Morbid Angel – God of Emptiness
13 – Arch Enemy – Bridge of Destiny
14 – Backyard Burial (NZ) – Amock in the Church on PCP
15 – Dissolution (NZ) – The Purging
16 – Ulcerate (NZ) – Everything is Fire
17 – Amon Amarth - …And Soon The World Will Cease
18 – Black Sabbath – Into The Void
19 – Megadeth – My Last Words
20 – Metallica – Damage Inc.
21 – Slayer – Raining Blood


Friday December 9th @ Churchills Live – Scizerac, the Steam Train Hangover single release, with support from Lebowski, Sanity Breach, and Swarf. $10 on the door.

Saturday December 31s @ The Embankment – Short Blast To Oblivion IV, New Year’s Eve, featuring DeathCall [Dunedin], Fourth Age of the Sun, Auton, Gormukilliodokus.

Saturday December 31s @ Cathedral Square – Devilskin, with Halestorm, City of Souls, and Stonehurst. Tickets from

Saturday January 28th @ Churchills Live – Groovefest 5, featuring Stonehurst, Armed In Advance, Quinn The Human, Skelter, Smokin' Voodoo and Enfire. Tickets from Cosmic or $20 on the door.

Thursday February 2nd @ The Powerstation (AKL) – Opeth, the Sorceress World Tour. Tickets from Ticketmaster

Thursday March 9th @ The Powerstation (AKL) – Meshuggah, the Violent Sleep of Reason tour, tickets from

Thursday 20th April @ The Powerstation (Auckland) -  The Darkness “Last of our Kind” Tour with Push Push [NZ].

Friday 21st April @ Hunter Lounge (Victoria Uni, Wellington) - The Darkness “Last of our Kind” Tour with Push Push [NZ].

Saturday 22nd April @ The Foundry (Christchurch) - The Darkness “Last of our Kind” Tour with Push Push [NZ].



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