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... a CACOPHONY of Shining Bleeding Gods!

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This time on CACOPHONY the LostMessiah features a couple of new releases for the new year, Bleeding Gods new album Dodekathlon and Shining's Varg Utan Flock (Wolf Without a Flock). New tracks from Hyborian, Corrosion of Conformity also feature as does the usual CACOPHONY nationalistic Metal tendancies with plenty of NZ Metal too.

Bleeding Gods [Netherlands] [Thrash - Death] - Dodekathlon [12th Jan, 2018]

Bleeding Playlist

Blacktooth [NZ] - Feeding My Minds Destruction
Hyborian - Dead Lies Dreaming
* Bleeding Gods - Seeds Of Distrust
* Bleeding Gods - From Feast To Beast
* Bleeding Gods - Bloodguilt
* Bleeding Gods -  Birds Of Hate
Sinate [NZ] - Waiting To Die
Cavalera Conspiracy - Insane
Corrosion Of Conformity - The Luddite
Bow Messiah [NZ] - Fun With A Knife
Cripper - Into The Fire
Stalker [NZ] - Shocked To Death

Shining [Sweden] [Black] - Varg Utan Flock (Wolf Without a Flock) [5th Jan, 2018]

Shining Playlist

Vargafrost [NZ] - Odin's Sacrifice
Bulletbelt [NZ] - Haegtessa
* Shining - Svart Ostoppbar Eld [Black Cheese Fire]
* Shining - Gyllene Portarnas Bro [Golden Gate Bridge]
* Shining - Jar ar Din Fiende [I'm Your Enemy]
* Shining - Han Som Lurar Inom [He Who Lurks In…]
Winter Deluge [NZ] - Winters March
Batushka - Ochishcheniye [Cleansing]
Voice Of The Black Pharaoh [NZ] - Shiv
Samael - Samael
Zirconium [NZ] - Tranquil Sky
Hybrid Nightmares - Mercuri

GIGS - send your upcoming Gig to gigs(at)cacophony.co.nz

Fri 12 Jan @ Club Tavern, Christchurch ;
Sat 13 Jan @ Valhalla, Wellington ;
Sun 14 Jan @ Whammy Bar, Auckland - Bolzer [Switzerland] NZ Tour MMXVIII
Tickets: http://www.undertheradar.co.nz and http://www.valhallatouring.com
Buy now at http://bit.ly/BÖLZER-NZTOUR
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/erosatarms/
Bandcamp: https://bolzer.bandcamp.com/
Youtube: http://bit.ly/BOLZERTUBE

Monday, Jan 15th @ San Fran, Wellington ;
Tuesday, Jan 16th @ Galatos, Auckland – Sleep [USA] [Stoner/Doom]
Tickets and further information from www.lifeisnoise.com
Facebook – http://facebook.com/officialsleep

Sat 20th Jan @ The Embankment Tavern [Christchurch] - Punk N' Grind & Zombie Facepainting feat.  Carradine Choke, Sawdust, Grief, Gormukilliodokus. R18 5pm $10

Tuesday Jan 23rd @ The King’s Arms (AKL) - MAYHEM “DE MYSTERIIS DOM SATHANAS” Live Tour. Tickets available now from www.valhallatouring.com

Thursday, February 8 @ Kings Arms, Auckland ;
Friday, February 9 @ Club Tavern, Christchurch ;
Saturday, February 10 @ Valhalla, Wellington - Cattle Decapitation [USA] - New Zealand Extinction Tour with Psycroptic [Australia].
Tickets on sale Thursday, Nov 30 @ 9.00am

Sat 17th Feb @ New City Hotel [Christchurch] - Carnal [Akl, NZ] pre USA Tour feat. Vixen Execution, Decimated King & Grief. R18 8:30pm $10

Wednesday Feb 21st @ Kings Arms, Auckland ;
Thursday Feb 22nd @ Valhalla, Wellington - Ne Obliviscaris [Aus] ‘Urn’ New Zealand Tour

Thursday Feb 22nd @ Whammy Bar, Auckland - LICH KING(USA) with Hidden Intent (Aus), Just One Fix, Silent Torture ;

Friday Feb 23rd @ Dark Room, Christchurch - LICH KING(USA) with Hidden Intent (Aus), Decimated King, Empire  ;

Saturday Feb 24th @ Valhalla Tavern, Wellington - LICH KING(USA) with Hidden Intent (Aus), Meat


Monday 26th Feb @ Valhalla, Wellington ;
Tuesday 27th Feb @ Galatos, Auckland - Venom Inc “Blood Stained Earth” Tour 2018

Sunday 14th April @ The Studio, Auckland ;
Sunday 15th April @ San Fran Bath House, Wellington - P.O.D. 2018 Tour
Tickets: From: https://metropolistouring.com/pod-nz/
Presale - Wednesday 29th November at 9am (Local Time)
Onsale - Friday 1st December at 9am (Local Time)

Friday 11th May @ The Studio, Auckland ;
Saturday 12th May @ San Fran, Wellington ;
Sunday 13th May @ The Foundry, Christchurch - SEPULTURA with Death Angel.
Presale Tix - Wednesday 22nd Nov 9am (local time through to onsale)
On Sale Tix - Friday 24th Nov 9am (local time)
From: https://metropolistouring.com/sepultura-death-angel-nz/

Tues, 22 May @ Valhalla Wellington ;
Wed, 23 May @ Whammy Bar, Auckland - Sabbat [Japan] [Black Metal] with Bulletbelt
Tickets $30 + bf from http://www.undertheradar.co.nz/tour/7434/Sabbat.utr

25th May @ Valhalla, Wellington - L.A. Guns 2018 Australia and New Zealand Tour
TICKETS: On Sale date Thursday, 23rd Nov 9:00am AEDT From: 

Fri 26th Oct @ The Embankment Tavern [Christchurch] -
Sat 27th Oct @ The Embankment Tavern [Christchurch] - SATANFEST 2018 - 12 Bands over 2 days. R18

Contaminated [MELBOURNE] https://www.facebook.com/pestilentialdecay/
REAPER – Melbourne [MELBOURNE] https://www.facebook.com/Reapermelbourne/
Malevolence [AUCKLAND] http://www.malevolencenz.com/
Bulletbelt [WELLINGTON] https://bulletbeltnz.bandcamp.com/
CORPSEFEAST[NAPIER] https://www.facebook.com/CORPSEFEAST-129293423754508/
Nystagmus [AUCKLAND] https://nystagmusblack.bandcamp.com/releases
Undiscovered Moons Of Saturn [AUCKLAND] https://undiscoveredmoonsofsaturn.bandcamp.com/
Vulthoom [WELLINGTON] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4k2TXE-S79I&feature=share
Spiteful Urinator [HAMILTON] https://spitefulurinator.bandcamp.com/
Vargafrost [NELSON] https://vargafrost.bandcamp.com/releases
DeathCall [DUNEDIN] https://deathcall.bandcamp.com/
Methchrist [DUNEDIN] https://methchrist.bandcamp.com/ --





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