Tuesday, May 17, 2022

NZ Metal Month Week 3 on CACOPHONY

 ~C A C O P H O N Y~

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The Lost Messiah is back again this week with week 3 of NZ Metal month of May. 100% NZ Metal for our own listening pleasure. Some NZ Music is Shit but all NZ Metal is Sick...

Punk n Hardcore Playlist

Suede Arcade - Devilspeed & Death of Hope
Judas Sheep - Beast of Buller & Nana Nap
Bow Messiah - Bow Messiah & Ending Of Life
Sit Down In Front - Don't Drink Bleach
Shitripper - Vultures
Anemoia - Killer
Devils Elbow - Broken Record Syndrome & Gravediggers Union
Fuelset - Eight Point Five & For Fallen Friends
The Rising Tide - Go And Get Fucked & Nightmare

Grindcore n More Playlist

Blindfolded And Led To The Woods - A Wolf In A Wall Street Tomb & Abigail Is Dead & You're Just Like Captain Planet But Without Any Friends
Gormukilliodokus - Coffins & Write Your Own Obituary & The Gormukiller
Depths - Archetype And The Basilisk & Of Soil And Brine & Ire Upon The Earth
Tuscoma - Crooked Frames & Laser Lines & Mindless Eyes
Backyard Burial - Alternate Realities & Mental Infection & The Abyss Of Insanity
Sekht - All Killa No Filla & Delusion Seeker & Enemy Within

Gigs [All Gigs TBC]

Fri 27th May @ 12 Bar [Christchurch] - Aoteraroa Prog Alliance feat. Pull Down the Sun, Alliance, Elidi.

TBA @ The Crown [Dunedin] - Southern Send II feat. Organectomy, Ayamvoid, Utilize the Remains, Vile Disembowelment & Distance. R18 GA $15






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