Sunday, November 30, 2014

A "In Brief" look at God Macabre... on CACOPHONY!

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This "In Brief" Cacophony episode looks at the 1993 God Macabre album 
"The Winterlong". Born out of the "Swedish Sound" of Hardcore, Punk and 
Metal to become Swedens first Death Metal band, originally called 
Macabre End, they change their name and the Metal scene. This their 
first album wasn't widely distributed but certainly got God Macabre 
noticed and now with the help of Relapse Records, the band have been 
able to go back and re-master this original Death classic the way they 

This is Death Metal in it's agonising, grinding, crushing best!

God Macabre [Sweden] [Death] – The Winterlong [1993] [2014 Re-Mastered]

1 - Into Nowhere
2 - Lost
3 - Ceased To Be

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