Tuesday, November 25, 2014

CACOPHONY with the Segression and Skalmold of Metal...

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On CACOPHONY this time, cold dark Viking/Black Metal from the new album "Med Vaettum" by Icelands Skalmold and a bloody, brutal Black Metal mess called "Painted In Blood" from Australia's Segression… so brutal that the promo video was banned from promotion on Facewuss!! We have more awesome new metal from The Flight of Sleipnir, Ne Obliviscaris, Necrophagia, Nightbringer and Devilment. Plus the usual NZ Metal suspects… so sit back, stuff cottonwool into your ears and brace for 2 hours of CACOPHONY!!

Thanks, as always, to the support we get from the Labels, Distro's and Promoters who send us all of the material we get to play on CACOPHONY. This week thanks goes to Mona @ Napalm Records www.napalmrecords.com and Chris @ www.maricmedia.com.au

Segression [Australia] [Thrash – Black] – Painted In Blood [10th Oct, 2014]
www.myspace.com/segressiontheband www.facebook.com/segression

Skalmold [Iceland] [Viking – Black] – Med Vaettum [14th Nov, 2014]
www.skalmold.is www.facebook.com/skalmold

the Segression Playlist

Malevolence [NZ] – Transparent + Property Of Satan + Butchered + Bleed
Necrophagia – Whiteworm Cathedral
Crows Call Murder [NZ] – We're Not Dead Yet
Ghost Brigade – Stones And Pillars
Segression – Killing Kingdom + Higher + Picture That Feeling + Pacenzja
Decimated King [NZ] – Ashes
Ne Obliviscaris – Pyrrhic
Hellborne [NZ] – Why Do They Lie
The Flight Of Spleipnir – Sidereal Curse

The Skalmold Playlist

Bow Messiah [NZ] – Fun With A Knife
In Dread Response [NZ] – Forgotten Wasteland
Bloodshot Dawn – Smoke And Mirrors
Intorment [NZ] – Grip Of The Serpent
Skalmold – Ad vori + Med fuglum + Med drekum + Med grioungum
The Mark Of Man [NZ] – The Craven
Nightbringer – Where Fire Never Dreamt Of Man
Filth Massacre [NZ] – Sin
Devilment – Summer Arteries
With Scarlet Offerings [NZ] – Suffer For It


Friday December 5th @ Churchill’s Live – Lebowski Album release with guests Osmium, State of Malice &Earthshield. $10 on the door including complimentary drink!

Friday December 5th @Re:Vive –In Hearts Wake, the Earthwalker release show. All ages, tickets from www.undertheradar.co.nz

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