Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Dust Bolt your Metal Kreator on CACOPHONY...

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This week we feature Dust Bolt and Kreator, from Germany, with their new albums. We also have new Metal from Black Anvil and Sepultura, NZ Metal features in between the chaos and we fill the show up with the best of the rest of Thrash...

Kreator [Germany] [Thrash] - Gods Of Violence [2017]

Dust Bolt [Germany] [Thrash] - Mass Confusion [2016]

Kreator Playlist

Black Anvil - May Her Wrath Be Just
New Way Home [NZ] - Mirror
Forbidden - Hopenosis [Request]
Destructatron [NZ] - Castles
* Kreator - World War Now + Satan Is Real + Totalitarian Terror + Fallen Brotherhood
Inquisition - Power From The Center Of The Cosmic Black Spiral
Devilskin [NZ] - House 13
Axsaena - Gospel Of Violence
Septicide [NZ] - Artillery

Dust Bolt Playlist

Naberus - Voices
Primacy [NZ] - Devils Cut
Dreadnaught - The Hated
Tainted [NZ] - 8mm
* Dust Bolt - Sick X Brain + Mind The Gap + Empty Faces + Taking Your Last Breath
Sepultura - Vandals Nest
Resporn [NZ] - Solace
Testament - The Number Game
Hellborne [NZ] - Dead And Nothing New


Thursday January 26th @ Darkroom - Decimated King with Unite The Silence & Fall Of Them. $5 Door R18 8pm.

Saturday January 28th @ Churchills Live – Groovefest 5, featuring Stonehurst, Armed In Advance, Quinn The Human, Skelter, Smokin' Voodoo and Enfire. Tickets from Cosmic or $20 on the door.  

Thursday February 2nd @ The Powerstation (AKL) – Opeth, the Sorceress World Tour. Tickets from Ticketmaster

Friday February 3rd @ Darkroom - Blindfolded and Led to the Woods w/ Of Blackest Ocean (WLG) and Empire. $10 Entry 9pm R18. 

Friday February 17th @ Darkroom – Null, with Inexile, Enfire and Hexscape.

Thursday March 9th @ The Powerstation (AKL) – Meshuggah, the Violent Sleep of Reason tour, tickets from

Saturday March 11th at The Kings Arms (AKL) – NZ Underground Metal Fest featuring Marduk, Gorguts, with local support TBA. Tickets from Under The Radar.

Thursday 20th April @ The Powerstation (Auckland) - The Darkness “Last of our Kind” Tour with support from Push Push [NZ].

Friday 21st April @ Hunter Lounge (Victoria Uni, Wellington) - The Darkness “Last of our Kind” Tour with support from Push Push [NZ].

Saturday 22nd April @ The Foundry (Christchurch) - The Darkness “Last of our Kind” Tour with support from Push Push [NZ].




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