Saturday, March 19, 2022

CACOPHONY Black n Metalcore...

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This week the Lost Messiah gets Blackened by Metal and then Head Banged to the 'Core with feature artists, Celeste and Resolve both from France. Plenty of other metal on the show, check out the playlist below!

Celeste [France] [Black] - Assassine(s) [2022]

Playlist of the Assassines

Mire Stench [NZ] - Dreggs Of Sunlight
Abyss Crawler [NZ] - Desolate Horizons
* Celeste - De tes yeux bleus perlés
* Celeste - Nonchalantes de beauté
* Celeste - Draguée tout au fond
* Celeste - Il a tant rêvé d'elles
Mire Stench [NZ] - Eye Of Storm
Abyss Crawler [NZ] - Seeping Fear
Seth - La Morsure du Christ
Autarkh - Turbulence

Resolve [France] [Hardcore] - Between Me And The Machine [2022]

Playlist of Resolve
Annisokay - STFU
Antagonist A.D. [NZ] - Homesick
Rot T.V. - Ready To Die
Shitripper [NZ] - Vultures
* Resolve - Seasick Sailor
* Resolve - Emerald Skies
* Resolve - Cycles
* Resolve - Forever Yours
3000AD [NZ] - Cells
Imminence - Ghost
Our Common Sense - Inhale
Seas Of Conflict [NZ] - Eventide
The Rising Tide [NZ] - Nightmare
TheCityIsOurs - Coma
Kite - Unveering Static

Gigs [All Gigs TBC]

Fri 4th Mar @ TBA - 10th Annual Napier Death Metal Festival feat. Imperial Slave, Scorn of Creation, Saving Grace, Horrendous Disfigurement, Enboss, Refuse Resist, Terrorset, Knifed, Misanthopy & Insideous Wretch. R18 Red Light Vax Pass Mandatory, 100 peeps. Tix from Jan 4th.

Sat 5th Mar @ TBA - 10th Annual Napier Death Metal Festival feat. Black Metal Sabbath, Organectomy, Carnal, Vixen Execution, Corpse Feast, Parasitic Infestation, Scolism, Metal Tower, Flay the Apostle & Rukus. R18 Red Light Vax Pass Mandatory, 100 peeps. Tix from Jan 4th.

Sat 26th Mar @ The Loons [Lyttelton] - California 90's Tribute feat Tool, Rage Against he Machine & Stone Temple Pilots Tributes. R18 EB $26+bf & Door $35+bf

Sat 2nd Apr @ 12 Bar [Christchurch] - End Of Days Metal Festival feat. Kaosis (BOP), Unanything (DUN) Meshuggah Tribute, Untouchables (QTWN) Korn Tribute, Akumu & Etheran. R18 EB $10, GA $20 & Door $30

TBA @ The Crown [Dunedin] - Southern Send II feat. Organectomy, Ayamvoid, Utilize the Remains, Vile Disembowelment & Distance. R18 GA $15

TBA @ 12 Bar [Christchurch] - Urge2Kill feat. Bloody Hell, Hog, Caradine Choke, Old Haven & Men An Tol. R18 Red Light Max 100 people, Vax Pass Mandatory.


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sMail CACOPHONY, POBox33044, Barrington, Christchurch 8244, New Zealand.


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