Sunday, July 03, 2022

a CACOPHONY of Kreator Khaos...

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Captain Catsquid heaves-to this week with a boatload of Gigs in the CACOPHONY Gig Guide. Plays a “metric-fuck-ton” of NZ Metal and features the new Kreator album Hate Uber Alles, which must be worth a listen as the Lost Messiah featured it at he beginning of June too! So grab a beer and chug along with the 'Squidman for 2 hours of CACOPHONY!

Kreator [Germany] [Thrash] - Hate Uber Alles [2022]

Gigs [All Gigs TBC]

Saturday July 16th @ Valhalla (WGTN) - Defeated Sanity (Germany) Tickets $55 from UTR

Saturday July 16th @ The Embankment – The Rising Tide, with Aracadian and Empire. Tickets from Cosmic Ticketing

Sunday June 17th @ Whammy (AKL) – Defeated Sanity (Germany) Tickets $55 from UTR

Friday July 22nd @ 12 Bar – Organectomy 'Nail Below Nail' album release. Support from Utlize the Remain, Depths and Treachery. Tickets $25 from Cosmic Ticketing.

Sat Jul 30th @ 12 Bar - Tuscoma “Gu-Chi” album release. Tix $10 at Cosmic Ticketing.

Saturday Aug 6th @ Darkroom – The Bleeders with Nervous Jerk. Tickets $30 from UTR

Friday Aug12th @ Dux Central – Pulvinar, Excessive Suffering EP Release, with support from Anti-Stasi, Bloody Hell, and Abhor

Saturday Aug 20th @ 12 Bar – Winterfest MMXXII, featuring Men AN Tol, Jormungandor, Methchrist, Altars of Achlys, Bloody Hell, and Abhor. Tickets $15 +BF from Cosmic Ticketing

Saturday Sep 17th @ 12 Bar – Sasquatch (USA) with Pieces of Molly. Early Bird Tickets $25 from UTR

Saturday Oct 15th @ Valhalla (WGTN) and Sunday the 16th @ Whammy (AKL) – Vader Fest, with Vader, Thy Disease, and special international guests TBA. Tickets $64 +BF from UTR

Sat 22nd Oct @ The Good Home (Ferrymead, Christchurch) Blindspott “Volumes Tour” with Written by Wolves.

Wednesday Nov 23rd @ 12 Bar – Skeletal Remains (USA) Tickets $35 at UTR

TBA @ The Crown [Dunedin] - Southern Send II feat. Organectomy, Ayamvoid, Utilize the Remains, Vile Disembowelment & Distance. R18 GA $15

Wednesday February 22 – The Exploited (Details TBC)


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