Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Thrashed, Stoned & Doomed on CACOPHONY!

        ~C A C O P H O N Y~

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Radio Addington 107.5FM, Friday & following Monday at 10pm

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On CACOPHONY, we get Thrashed, Stoned & Doomed with feature artists Desecrator and Unearthly Trance. New music from Cursus, Me and that Man, Mountain God, Mantar, Flaming Wreckage and Vertigo Freeway. A few NZ Metal artists thrown in to the mix and no less than 5 Requests this week!

Desecrator [Australia] [Thrash] - To The Gallows [2017]

Unearthly Trance [USA] [Sludge-Doom-Drone] - Stalking The Ghost [2017]

Desecrated Playlist

Sinate [NZ] - Premonition Of The Wicked [Request]
Metallica - Trapped Under Ice [Request]
Tainted [NZ] - Averice [Request]
Anthrax - Aftershock [Request]
Desecrator - To The Gallows
Desecrator - Red Steel Nation
Desecrator - Thrash Is A Verb
Desecrator - Balancing On A Blade [Digital Bonus Track]
Resporn [NZ] - Retina
Vertigo Freeway - Dark Of The Night
Flaming Wreckage - Ensnared
Bow Messiah [NZ] - Perfect Virus
Dethklok - Murmaider [Request]

Un-Earthly Playlist

Beastwars [NZ] - Devils Of Last Night
Mantar - The Spell
Sinistrous Diabolus [NZ] - Rite Of Dionysus (iv)
Mountain God - Karmic Truth
Unearthly Trance - Into The Spiral
Unearthly Trance - Dream State Arsenal
Unearthly Trance - Famine
Unearthly Trance - Invisible Butchery
Me And That Man - My Church Is Black
The Mark Of Man [NZ] - Memorandum
Cursus - Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun
Slave Collective - Evil's Disguise


Thursday March 9th @ The Powerstation (AKL) – Meshuggah, the Violent Sleep of Reason tour, tickets from 

Saturday March 11th at The Kings Arms (AKL) – NZ Underground Metal Fest featuring Marduk, Gorguts, with  Carnal, Bulletbelt & Setentia. Tickets from Under The Radar.  

Saturday 1st April @ The Embankment [Christchurch] - Fire Aid for Christchurch feat. Stonehurst, In Our Sights, Empire, Fall Of Them & The Snake Behaviour. Charity Gig to raise funds for Christchurch Fire Relief. R18 8:30pm $10 Door.

Friday 21st April @ The Bedford [Christchurch] - Helmet [USA] Betty Album Tour feat. No supporting acts and full length Album playthrough and songs from their entire catalog. R18 8pm $55

Saturday April 15th @ The Embankment – Night of the Ram Skulls, featuring Whorecorpse, Place of Skulls and Gormukiliodokus. $10 on the door. 

Thursday 20th April @ The Powerstation (Auckland) - The Darkness “Last of our Kind” Tour with support from Push Push [NZ].

Friday 21st April @ Hunter Lounge (Victoria Uni, Wellington) - The Darkness “Last of our Kind” Tour with support from Push Push [NZ] .

Saturday 22nd April @ The Foundry (Christchurch) - The Darkness “Last of our Kind” Tour with support from Push Push [NZ].

Wednesday 28th June @ The Foundry (Christchurch) - Dragonforce “Reaching Into Infinity” World Tour.

Saturday May 20th @ Darkroom – Winter Deluge, Malevolence, with Vargafrost and Place of Skulls, $10 on the door.




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